Teacher Bios for 2019 

Vanessa Lewis, formerly known as Jezebel Delilah X, is a queer, lush-bodied, Black, femme performance artist, writer, actress, filmmaker, educator, facilitator, orator and Faerie Goddess Mermaid Gangsta for The Revolution. She loves to flirt, laugh, perform, crack corny jokes, and insert Octavia Butler references into every conversation. She is a Co-Managing Editor for Everyday Feminism and Director of queer, Black, multi-disciplinary performance troupe, Congregation of Liberation. She has performed in a wide variety of Queer  theatre projects and cabarets, and has been a featured reader at literary events all over the Bay Area. She uses a combination of memoir, poetry, theatre, and feminist storytelling to advance her politix of radical love, socioeconomic justice, anti-racism, community accountability, critical reflection, love, healing, and liberation. She loves romantic songs, romantic films, romantic books, romantic conversations, romantic friendships, and writing long, vulnerable, passionate facebook statuses about romance.
Jeevan Singh
Jeevan comes from the Sanskrit 
जीवन (jīvana), meaning life, or more specifically that which animates every living being. A name that’s fitting, as it speaks to her life’s work - guiding womxn and people with vaginas back into the sanctuaries of their bodies, recognizing and beginning to heal their blocks towards wholeness, through their pelvic bowls. Jeevan Singh is a visionary, a womb-listener, a guide, a doctor and a friend. She believes that intuition and mindfulness share the same root - deep listening, which is at the core of her practice. She offers 3-month 1:1 Experiential Womb & Pelvic Healing in Portland, Oregon, and teaches classes on womb and pelvic bowl healing.
Touk Keo 
I'm a flower and gem elixir, land keeper of Gnarnia, and counselor based out of Portland, Oregon who works specifically with the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous/Native, non-Black POC) community. In the last year few years, I've focused on mental health, plants, food accessibility, and what counseling looks like for those in the BIPOC communities. To me, it means looking and building relationships with plants and gems, and seeing ourselves as more than the physical body. In my culture, the Khmer culture we perceive people to have pralung or in western terms spirit, but we don't see people as only having one spirit but 19. The medicine I offer seeks to create balance in those 19 spirits, and helps folxs access the who they are in their true alignment.
Colette Gardiner is a priestess, activist and healer of Euro-American descent, with strong ties to Faeri. Currently she runs the Blue Iris Mystery School. A four year school in Portland, Oregon rooted in Wiccan traditions. I work with an eclectic style of witchcraft, where all genders on the continuum are honored and where people of all ethnicities are welcome. I strive to work from a place of racial inclusion without cultural appropriation. I was a founding member of GoddessIs, a ritual theatre collective, have taught at Witch Camps and have been active as a teacher for almost 40 years. I have organized many conferences and workshops over the years and I now enjoy working with people long term in my classes, to
create magical, personal and social change.
herbalshee@gmail.com 503-238-5885
Ecstatic Witch, Queer Fat Burlesque Dancer, Chanteuse, Model and Art Activist Irene McCalphin (Magnoliah Black) can be found all over the Bay Area creating and maintaining spaces for radical self-love and empowerment. Co-founder and resident Massage Therapist of A Sovereign Embodiment (ASE) Healing Collective she provides compassionate care to intersectional communities.  This published author, storyteller and performer highlights the intersections of fat, race, feminism, kink, spirituality and human sexuality with ritual, vulnerability, rage and joy.
Sage Goode lives in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada with her wife, two cats and many magical beings. She is the founder of Crossroads Mystery School and has been teaching the Craft for 30 years. She teaches workshops around North America and through Telephone Ritual Workings — an amazing and powerful way to connect through space and time. She has also created a CD of guided visualizations and trance workings. "For us to follow the path of our Soul’s purpose we must be willing: to listen, to transform, to surrender to the Divine and to become who we were meant to be. This is essential. This is the Work. First, become willing … everything else flows from that."
Check out her website at www.sagegoode.com

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