Teacher Bios and Class Descriptions for 2019 

Vanessa Rochelle Lewis is a queerdo-weirdo fat Black femme writer, healer, conjurer, and educator; a Faerie Goddess Mermaid Gangsta for the Revolution; former Senior Editor for Black Girl Dangerous and Everyday Feminism; former community college instructor, current community arts organizer; Founder & Director of the PleasureNess Literary Academy: Arts Education for Liberation and Change, and an all around love muffin. She is here for love based creation, community interdependence, moving through realms, and alternative society building. You can reach Vanessa at subversivepedagogies@gmail.com, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis on Facebook, and @naughtymamanessa on instagram. PleasureNess Lit Academy (for short) is an arts education & transformative justice project dedicated to centering personal healing, collaborative imagination, collective liberation and the prioritization of pleasure in our every day lives, creative projects, relationships and revolutionary movements through affordable and accessible classes, coaching, events, and digital media.

Keynote with Vanessa Rochelle Lewis! 

Medicinal Self-Storytelling
with Vanessa Rochelle Lewis
Our stories have power. They inform the way we see ourselves, other people, and the world. They are the undercurrent of what we manifest - consciously or not - and how we direct our powerful energy. This experiential workshop will help us examine the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our histories to create more space for healing, agency, and efficacy in our relationship with ourselves, whats possible and our power.
Love Poems for Forgiveness
with Vanessa Rochelle Lewis
Forgiveness is often more difficult, excruciating, and tedious than forgiveness-proponents acknowledge, ESPECIALLY when the people who have harmed us refuse to or are unable to pursue accountability, restoration, or even acknowledgement of their impact. But, sometimes forgiveness is not about the people who have hurt us. Its about our pain, our wounds, and our futures. Its about our healing so that we can have more space in our consciousness to access the lives we want and the fullness of our magic. In this workshop, we will severe bonds with those who have hurt us and nurture our wounds towards healing by writing and sharing love poems for forgiveness. Perhaps you will write a poem for the part of you that was hurt or that is still hurting. Maybe you will write a love poem for your survivorship, healing, and growth. Maybe you will write a forgiveness poem to the person or situation that never apologized so that you can keep moving forward whole and healing. Whatever the case, in this workshop we're writing for healing and release.
Jeevan Singh
Jeevan comes from the Sanskrit 
जीवन (jīvana), meaning life, or more specifically that which animates every living being. A name that’s fitting, as it speaks to her life’s work - guiding womxn and people with vaginas back into the sanctuaries of their bodies, recognizing and beginning to heal their blocks towards wholeness, through their pelvic bowls. Jeevan Singh is a visionary, a womb-listener, a guide, a doctor and a friend. She believes that intuition and mindfulness share the same root - deep listening, which is at the core of her practice. She offers 3-month 1:1 Experiential Womb & Pelvic Healing in Portland, Oregon, and teaches classes on womb and pelvic bowl healing.
Healing the Sexual Wound and Examining our Sexual Contracts 
with Jeevan Singh and Liz Long
Our collective sexual wound is burning right now. it’s not just what others have done to our bodies, but how WE relate to our bodies and sexuality This class is for those who are ready to return to their pleasure and sexual sovereignty, and who want to examine what unconscious contracts they have with themselves, their families, and our world that are blocking this connection. We will explore practices to consciously destroy these unhelpful contracts and re-write the ones we want in their place. We will learn ways to mindfully and safely re-connect to our bodies, simple practices for sexual healing and ways to mend the energetic breaks through stone and flower essences. 
Please bring a pen and paper with you to this class. We will not be going into stories of sexual trauma in this class, but will acknowledge that those stories are present for many of us. Please take care of yourself and any potential triggers in deciding whether or not to participate in this healing space.  
Touk Keo 
I'm a flower and gem elixir, land keeper of Gnarnia, and counselor based out of Portland, Oregon who works specifically with the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous/Native, non-Black POC) community. In the last year few years, I've focused on mental health, plants, food accessibility, and what counseling looks like for those in the BIPOC communities. To me, it means looking and building relationships with plants and gems, and seeing ourselves as more than the physical body. In my culture, the Khmer culture we perceive people to have pralung or in western terms spirit, but we don't see people as only having one spirit but 19. The medicine I offer seeks to create balance in those 19 spirits, and helps folxs access the who they are in their true alignment.
Radical Meditation for BIPOC folxs 
with Touk Keo 

I'll be creating a space to have conversation about what harm has been caused by white witches, and the white healing community. This space is BIPOC only and is centered on allowing folxs the space to recuperate, rest, and release the toxicity of whiteness.
Monica Choy is an artist, creative producer, and community organizer living and working in Portland, OR. Born and raised in the rich diversity of San Francisco, she grew up in a strong Chinese American community. Summers were spent with her grandmothers in Chinatown, absorbing her culture through colorful foods, folk medicine practices, learning about her family Tai Chi lineage, and speaking both Cantonese and Taishan dialects. As an adult living in Portland, she seeks to reconnect with her roots and heal ancestral trauma. She believes creating connection with others through art, food, and a sense of trust, community, and spirituality outside of organized religion are ways to make new patterns for living that lead to our collective healing.
Souther Salazar grew up in a variety of imaginative living situations—a coffeeshop basement, an isolated farmhouse, an old electrical parts warehouse near a chocolate factory— in Central California with 3 siblings and creative parents who always kept the environment filled with collections of old books, folk art, and endless projects. Utilizing a wide range of freely mixed media, layers of drawing and assemblage, and often carefully organized details from dissected paintings and sketchbooks, his work constructs a vibrant universe of overlapping narratives and expansive, dreamlike landscapes. Salazar graduated with distinction from Art Center College of Design in 2003. His work has since been exhibited in galleries and institutions in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Basel, Tokyo and São Paulo. He currently lives and works in Portland, OR.
The Importance of One's Origin Story
with Touk Keo, Monica Choy, + Souther Salazar
This space is open to everyone, We will be sharing Touk's Origins Essence and asking folxs to unpack who they were, who they've become, and how they hope to change the narrative that's they've internalized. Wethink it's especially important for white folxs to unpack this to avoid the stealing and colonizing the stories of the BIPOC communities.
Colette Gardiner is a priestess, activist and healer of Euro-American descent, with strong ties to Faeri. Currently she runs the Blue Iris Mystery School. A four year school in Portland, Oregon rooted in Wiccan traditions. I work with an eclectic style of witchcraft, where all genders on the continuum are honored and where people of all ethnicities are welcome. I strive to work from a place of racial inclusion without cultural appropriation. I was a founding member of GoddessIs, a ritual theatre collective, have taught at Witch Camps and have been active as a teacher for almost 40 years. I have organized many conferences and workshops over the years and I now enjoy working with people long term in my classes, to
create magical, personal and social change.
herbalshee@gmail.com 503-238-5885
The Bridge Between the Realms
with Colette Gardiner 
As humans we are a mix of Earth and Sky. This gives us a specific ability to  interact magically with this amazing world, and can sustain us, as we work to create cultural and social change. Tree magic can help us understand this connection to everything around us and our responsibility to live with gratitude and care for this precious world. Join me as we explore this bridge that we are, through trance and lecture. 
Ecstatic Witch, Queer Fat Burlesque Dancer, Chanteuse, Model and Art Activist Irene McCalphin (Magnoliah Black) can be found all over the Bay Area creating and maintaining spaces for radical self-love and empowerment. Co-founder and resident Massage Therapist of A Sovereign Embodiment (ASE) Healing Collective she provides compassionate care to intersectional communities.  This published author, storyteller and performer highlights the intersections of fat, race, feminism, kink, spirituality and human sexuality with ritual, vulnerability, rage and joy.
Manifesting from the Margins
with Irene McCalphin
White supremacy has created a redline around what is possible. What would it look like to work magic from a place of desire and not just need? What does it mean to restore dreams taken from us by systemic oppression and everyday violence? Come redefine what it mean to truly walk and live magical life in Black and Brown, beautifully diverse and queer bodies.  
You Divine Workshop & Ritual (BIPOC only) 
with Irene McCalphin

As Marginalized Communities move towards equality and visibility we are often rendered unseen within our own chosen spiritualities and religions. We will discuss the unvoiced damage of being colonized and minimized. Through a guided Mirror Ritual we will seek to restore the positive and powerful reflection of a Divinity that mirrors the unique way we walk through this world. This class is for BIPOC only.  
Brandie (Bran) Taylor is a queer witch, psychic reader, and formally trained priestess of European ancestry living on the land of the Chinook people in Portland, Oregon. She has over 20+ years experience in divination and the Craft. She specializes in intuitive tarot readings, evolutionary astrology readings, ritual candle making, and comprehensive, inventive magical teaching. Her teachers are Colette Gardiner, Pomegranate Doyle, Emily Trinkhaus, her Ancestors, and the Edgewalkers. In her work as Magic Hour, she is dedicated to tending and circulating the Sacred Flame. Find her at magichourastrology.com / IG: @magichourastrology
Time magic
with Bran Taylor
Wonder if time is really on your side? Want to work with the mystery of time from a practical place? In this workshop we will learn how to work with the cycles of time and our time guardian to enhance our magic. Using lunar and planetary phases, astrology clocks, the wheel of the year, and other markers of time we will discuss how to use time for intention setting, rituals, and spell working. Through light trance we will invoke and establish a relationship with a personal time guardian, who can be a powerful ally. This class is especially good for those who are time challenged and all Saturn craving individuals. Open to all levels of experience.
Oh, hi. I'm called shiny. I’m a black, queer, anti-racist dirty femme - an alchemist, cottage witch, farmer, medicine maker, and decolonizer. I grow and make magic with my hands and with my heart: furniture, quilts, songs, poems, food and drink...
I am a librarian and professor by trade, a witch and medicine maker by calling, and a community organizer by necessity. I spend my time in community with the folx at Sacred Lattice Collective School, where we are taking back ancestral ways of knowing, by force if necessary. 
I am my ancestors’ wildest dream.

Blackmathmagician is a skilled divinator who is deeply nerdy and trusting of herself. A metastatic breast cancer patient living always in liminal space, she uses her radical analysis of power, politically and magically, to witchily work her will on the world. Blackmathmagician is apt to view the world through the lenses of math and linguistics, and finds that recognizing, believing in, and cultivating herself and her magic is endless work in the best fucking way. Perceptive and precise, engaged and enthusiastic, she's always trying to connect more closely with nature. Blackmathmagician is relationship-oriented; her neurodivergence means she requires ruthless organization, and generates questions more easily than she generates breath. Her ancestors and unbreakable connection to this ever-spinning sphere cradle her completely as she listens for, delimits, and gets ever down to the work that is hers to do.
Reclaiming Ritual and Ceremony through Song
with shiny and Blackmathmagician

The history of colonized people is one in which access to ritual, ceremony, and song (in our native tongues) has been heavily controlled or penalized. In response to those external controls our people learned to code messages and rituals within song. In this session we’ll use songs of liberation and protest, pop culture jams, and even the power and whimsy of creating our own songs to craft ritual and ceremony. Come forth beautiful squeakers, crooners, warblers, croakers, and bellowers. All voices can sing down magic, all voices can sing up prayer. Experience the magic of doing something vulnerable in solidarity and shared risk. BIPOC only.
Pomegranate Doylis the host of the Podcast “Ask Pomegranate” a Magical advice show. A Witch, Priestess, Psychic and Painter, she has taught witchcraft for for 35 years at magical intensives, workshops, conferences and Mystery Schools around north America. Find her on facebook at Pomegranate Doyle or Ask Pomegranate. Currently she is developing Psychic
Skill classes that will be available to download from her web site later in 2019. You can listen to her Podcast at www.AskPomegranate.com

Ghosts: a lesson in handling the Unquiet Dead
with Pomegranate Doyle
Do you see dead people? Can you tell the difference between a ghost and an ancestor?  Learn tools for handling haunting, walk-ins and other troublesome unhappy death related problems.And learn some basic tools for helping living beings cross over to the other side.

Entering into Faery Magic: Meetings with the Faery Queen, Faery King and The Faery Bard
with Pomegranate Doyle
There is a Realm of power where the Sidhe (Faery) dwell. This living realm is available to offer its magics to Human Realm folk. The divine ones of Faery, The Faery Queen, Faery King and The Faery Bard have offered to come and meet with us. They are invested in the wild magics of the Good Green Earth. If you will aid them in calling back those wild magics they will share there secrets. Whoa! OK that’s cool, lets do it. Ill see you there. There will be a trance. 
Rebekah Erev is an ordained kohenet (Hebrew priestess), feminist, queer, artist, creativity coach and teacher. They collaborate with unseen and seen beings to make art and ritual with the intention to recover and liberate the earth. They offer intuitive readings and workshops to help people manifest their most true expressions, listening to the wisdom of their bodies. Their work is in service to a time when the hum of bees rule the land and those who have historically been most oppressed, guide our collective healing rites. Rebekah is the creator of the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck and the forthcoming Golden Animal Oracle. To find out more and book a session visit: rebekaherevstudio.com
Jewish Magic 
with Rebekah Erev

In contemporary Jewish culture magic is often shunned, thought of as “pagan” and therefore bad. In this workshop we will uncover the vast and often hidden magic of Judaism through lecture and embodied practices (practices using visualization, sound and breathing). From the Sefer Yetzirah (the precursor to the kabbalah) to the shofar (ram’s horn) to incantation bowls, Judaism is rich in the occult. We’ll learn how the magic of Judaism is in our roots as wanderers, as diasporist and inherently non zionist. Our culture calls for magic in the ordinary, in our diversity, in our animal relationships and in our belief that all is an infusion and collaboration with Shekinah (the feminine divine). All are welcome regardless of spiritual background. Please bring a journal and something to write with.
Zy Gray
Raised in West Africa, Zy comes from a long matrilineal tradition of psychics and truth-seers. As a small child, Zy can remember his mother reading cards on the beach near their home in Monrovia. Civil war intervened, and his family re-located to the states. Zy’s multi-continental experience, across both geography and gender informs his search for home. Entering metaphysical and healing traditions through astrology, Zy has developed a Pan-African cultural approach to using ritual, candles, affirmations and other tools to heal multi-generational DNA patterns and pathologies that hold us back in our personal evolution.
Using Affirmations with Astrology to Access our DNA, the Spiral that Connects us to our Ancestors
with Zy Gray 
Join us for an interactive experience using a modern fusion of Hoodoo techniques with traditional Yoruba spiritual concepts to access the water memory of our common ancestor in releasing impediments and bindings which have been passed on to us through our DNA. The astrological chart wheel format represents areas of our life. Targeting affirmations specific to healing within ourselves associated problems and patterns, we are able to let go of and move past habits which have been holding us back in our personal evolutions.
Ebenezer Galluzzo has been practicing magic for 14 years and is an initiate of the Crossroads lineage, a Blue Iris Mystery School Graduate, and an apprentices with the fabulous Pomegranate Doyle. He brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and depth to the rituals he priestesses and the classes he teaches. Ebenezer believes that magic is infused into every aspect of life, and with the power of intention even the simplest act can be made sacred. He uses his work as a parent, artist, teacher and priestess to change the world for the better.
Iris Mae Misciagna is a teacher and witch who has been practicing the craft and reading the Tarot for 15 years. Iris brings dedication, deep intuition, and a sense of humor to her work. She is a painter, flower essence practitioner, and maker of ritual candles. ​
A student of Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle, Iris is a teacher and ritual Priestess at the Blue Iris Mystery School and teaches about basic magic, flower essences, and magic and astrology in Portland Oregon.
You are Magic
with Ebenezer Galluzo and Iris Misciagna
The Earth is alive and full of magic and so are you. At this conference you will learn from many amazing teachers and bask in the magic gathered here. But how do you bring this magic home with you? How do you invite it into your daily life? How do you ground it? Magic can feel like a destination to get to that you then eventually need to leave. But the magic is in you. You carried it here to meet the power of this gathering and now enriched, you’re taking it with you. Your body is home to the magic of this earth, and you have a birthright to explore that relationship. Join us in this class and learn practical and foundational tools for reconnecting and integrating the magic as you carry it home with you.
This class is designed for beginners but all are welcome.
Phoenix Blickle has been doing magic since childhood and began to formally study witchcraft in 2010. They are a graduate of Blue Iris Mystery School run by Colette Gardiner. For the past 5 years they have been studying the art of ritual creation with Pomegranate Doyle. They are a white queer person and parent, living on Chinook land known as Portland, OR. They work full time as a nurse with children and adolescents. In addition they work as a community priest/ess crafting personal rite of passage rituals. They are in service to the wild and cyclical nature of the Earth, and the prayer that all beings may live in truth, freedom, and connection.
Maeanna Welti has been formally studying magic since 2010. She is a graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery School, where she completed a four year program that included elemental magic, psychic skills, ritual planning, priestessing, and working with the seasons. She practices magic from an authentic place of full self and personal authority. Her work is dedicated to healing, the land, the queers, freedom for all beings of the Earth, bringing forward ancestral gifts, and reintegrating mystery into everyday life. She is a dedicated priestess and healer with a full time healing practice in which she offers energy work, ancestral healing, tarot and astrology readings, magical life coaching, personal ritual and instruction in astrology and basic witchcraft. Maeanna lives in Olympia, Washington, on unceded Nisqually land.


Finding A Way Forward: Ancestor Support for White People Working to Heal Racism 
with Maeanna Welti and Phoenix Blickle
In this class we will call upon our ancestors who are invested in working with white-identified people to dismantle racism and build a culture of racial justice and freedom. This class is rooted in the belief that our culture is racist, and that white people are complicit in that, whether we want to be or not. White supremacy is interwoven into our social systems and social conditioning, and it is our work as white people to heal and clear that conditioning within ourselves.
We will have a discussion on some spiritual ways to approach this work, and lead a trance where you will have an opportunity to connect with an ancestor who is stepping forward to support and guide you. We believe there is a path forward for all white people that is necessary, participatory and beautiful. This class is not prescriptive; we will spend limited time discussing how to materialize this work in your life (although some resources will be provided). Our focus will be on meeting an ancestor who knows your path to healing internalized white supremacy, and can help you walk it with resiliency, integrity, and grace.
This class is for white-identified people of all skill levels, some experience with trance work might be helpful.
Donella-Elizabeth Alston defines herself, (primarily), as a Dianic Witch. After making her way from Bergen County New Jersey to Eugene, Oregon 25+ years ago, she counts among her accomplishments: being a member of the womyn’s ritual theatre group GoddessIs, being a Co-Founding Mother of Sophia Sanctuary Women’s Temple (sophiasanctuary.org), and a We’Moon Weaving Circle Hostess! “Because more than one spiritual river runs in my soul, I find myself to be on The Path of the Seeker. As a Daughter of Oya (Santería tradition), I honour my African Ancestors, and as an eclectic priestess, I seek to come to know my Celtic/Druidic spiritual roots. Amen! Ashe-O! Blessed Be!
Ruby Matthews
Ruby's passion is the intersection of feminism, science and spirituality. She has been working with the MotherPeace tarot for well over 30 years and believes the magic of tarot is a window into the collective unconscious and an unparalleled tool for  honoring and finding balance with the Elemental Forces of Nature and the Divine Feminine. Ruby understands this work as a powerful tool for personal and planetary transformation.She is one of the founding mothers of Sophia Sanctuary, a “Women’s Temple Without Walls” located in and around Eugene, Or., and was a founding mother of Urgent Carnival Street Theatre (changing the world one laugh at a time), and GoddessIs Women’s Ritual Theatre Collective.
Pentacle of the Tarot
with Donella-Elizabeth Alston and Ruby Matthews 
In this workshop, we will apply the 5 Arcana of the Tarot--Aether; Flames (Wands); Cups; Discs (Pentacles); Swords (Blades)--to the 5 points of the Pentacle. Our goal is to map out a path toward self discovery and empowerment by bringing this magical tool closer to our daily lives. Please bring a notebook & coloured pencils. If possible, please also bring a Tarot deck (and one to share if you're able!)
Brooke Dabalos, known as The Lady of Lightning, is an author, artist, and intuitive healer living in Portland, Oregon. She believes in making spiritual tools available to all people, and continues to be a student of ancient wisdom, rituals, and practices that can assist us in our modern world. In her recent book, Lightning Thoughts, she provides a fully illustrated collection short exercises and poetry, intended to help you build a more loving relationship with yourself. She has spent the last 4 years teaching spiritual and creative workshops along the west coast.
Creative Magic
with Brooke Dabalos
We are all artists. We are all creative. In this interactive workshop, learn how to overcome internal and external blockages, using clear intentions, meditation, and creativity. See your creative manifestations come to life in the physical world. Use the magic of imagery and words to capture the feeling of how you want to transform your life and experience. Walk away with a piece of art that is a key to the next steps on your journey.
Shanna Butler Desso, Ph.D
Shanna is a queer, femme, witch, healer, and psychotherapist practicing in Northern California. Her magical mission is to support the reunification of one’s psyche and soma with the unseen realms all around us. Through the use of deep listening, intuition, divination, and connection with beloved ancestors and allies, Shanna invites healing that creates movement towards greater connection with self and all the worlds. Shanna believes that inner and outer change is possible when we attend to and nourish our most tender parts, when we tend to and nourish our most vulnerable community members, and when we centralize justice for all beings as the beacon of our healing path.
Shanna’s offerings include intuitive psychotherapy as well as spiritual consultations, tarot readings, ritual support, and ancestral healing both in person and via phone or internet.
Shanna can be reached at sbutlerphd@gmail.com or www.shannabutler.com
Dreaming Ourselves Awake: Dreams as Symbols of Power, Insight, and Initiation
with Shanna Butler Desso
The dream realm has long been held as sacred across time and cultures. Numinous symbols, images, guides, allies, messages, information, and Deity her/his/themself(ves), come to us nightly from across the realms. Our dreams can be influenced on the cosmic level by the cycles of the moon, the movements of the planets and the shifting of our earth from season to season. Our dreams can also be shaped from collective experiences such as political chaos, oppression, and natural disasters. On a personal level dreamtime can bring significant information to us regarding our inner and outer functioning, relationships, and well being. As magical people we have a nightly opportunity to tune in and harvest the messages that arrive from all levels of consciousness; cosmic, collective, and personal.
This workshop will introduce the basics of magical dreaming by exploring dreams as rituals for self growth, healing, and collective liberation. We will discuss tools to invite dreams to more vividly occupy our night space, explore methods for capturing dream’s symbols and messages, learn ways to understand and work with “bad dreams,” and ground into the concept of dreaming our dreams onward during our waking hours through ritual acts.
We will engage in a collective dreaming experience together to magnify the power of our sacred night connections. There is an optional opportunity to bring a dream to share and contribute to the collective dream space or participate through the act of witnessing and containing.
Hi! I’m Liz Long I am a white, queer intuitive healer and channel who connects people to their own innate sources of strength, guidance and wisdom. My work as a channel connects me to people’s spirit guides, our earth, and to the voice of our evolving consciousness. I sometimes think that what I hear when I channel is the sound of our future ancestors, future selves, future world, calling us home. It brings me such joy to share this channeled love and wisdom with folks via weekly transmissions (on instagram @youcanradiateit ), in the classes that I teach, and in my 1:1 work where I channel spirit guides and earth energies for my clients. I’m also a reiki master, and I work with plants, stones, and other allies.  I believe that self healing is collective healing, and that addressing how we’ve internalized systems of oppression — both where we experience privilege and dominance — is a part of each of our individual healing journeys.
Meghan Hawkins is a tarot reader, intuitive channel, plant friend, energy worker, folk herbalist, holistic nutritionist, and ancestral mending mentor. Meghan's work with tarot, mystery, and plants is fueled by her devotion to the remembrance and reclamation of ancestral wisdom, animism, and land-based spiritual kinship. Through her work as Moonseas Tarot, Meghan offers people direct access to their mythic and mystic selves, reigniting their connection to source-wisdom as well as the elemental spirits of plants and place. She believes tarot and magic are a radical tools of decolonization that offers us liberated forms of thought and being which transcend binaries and transform trauma. Her work is rooted in gentleness, playfulness, and her experiences of generational poverty, C-PTSD, queerness, & chronic illness.
Joy in Sensation: Exploring and Softening Into Pleasure
with Meghan Hawkins and Liz Long
What if we reoriented ourselves and the systems we live in toward pleasure? Is pleasure a radical portal back to our intuition, back to one another, and back to the Earth? How do we access pleasure on our terms, and in doing so, soothe our nervous systems, ground ourselves, and take powerful actions that are rooted in deep connection to ourselves and others? What feelings and beliefs do we have about the concept of pleasure? What blocks us from it, and what are some simple practices we can do to reframe it and reclaim it as a fundamental gift of living?
Our time together will include guided meditation, self-reflection, pair and group sharing, flower essences and embodiment practices to help us understand what blocks us from the wisdom of our senses, and explore everyday tools to get back into relationship with pleasure and sensation.
Special considerations: We will be doing exercises that encourage participants to explore bodily sensation. These exercises will be very gentle. We will be be clear about when we are doing an embodiment practice and invite folks to participate or not. We encourage folks to take care of themselves and chose to participate in ways that feel right and safe for them.