The Northwest Magic Conference is a gathering in Portland, Oregon created to honor earth-based witchcraft, faery magic, queer magic, goddess traditions, and anarchistic magic. We are dedicated to  queer inclusion,  intersectional feminism, and anti-oppression.   We honor diversity in all it's forms and strive to make this a safe a space as possible for marginalized folks.  We aim to keep this conference as accessible as possible, we offer a sliding scale and scholarships with priority given to people of color and marginalized folks.  We support teachers sharing from their own respective cultures and not stealing or borrowing from others.  We believe it is the work of witches to counter white supremacy.  We believe it is th work of witches to protect the land and honor the plants and animals.  
We offer classes on psychic self-defense, divination practices, dream work, faery tradition, and more.   Through this conference we invite magic back into the world, we share our gifts,  and we honor the old ways.  This is a time for us to honor the magic that we practice individually and in community. It is a time for us to share knowledge, pass on wisdom, and work together to make the world a better, safer place for all .  It is a time for us to gather as witches, priest-esses, healers, magicians, psychics, mystics, and all that  we are to share and celebrate the magic that we bring into the world. 
This event is open to all levels of magical practice. Join us! 
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