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What Feels Right: Intuition & Pleasure In Magical Practice 
Keynote talk 
with Haylin Belay
What is the role of pleasure in magical practice? With nearly a decade of experience as a holistic health professional, sex educator and eclectic witch Haylin Belay believes that "pleasure" and "intuition" are intimately connected—and sometimes interchangeable. The healthy pursuit of one can lead to healing integration in the other, especially for witches living with personal and/or intergenerational trauma. Sharing insights from the fields of mental health, physical therapy, social justice, and sexual well-being, Haylin will share how pleasure informs her witchcraft—and how the pursuit of pleasure can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for all witches.
Mind, Body, & Spirit: Bodywork for Healing Intuition
with Haylin Belay 
What does physical health have to do with spiritual well-being? More than you might think. Many practitioners use spiritual practices to maintain their physical health, but maintaining our physical health is also a key element of maintaining our spiritual power. Severe or chronic physiological stress can have cataclysmic effects on physical, mental, and spiritual health—especially our ability to access intuition, insight, and our capacities for divination. This class will explore the science of the nervous system, focusing on bodywork and physical exercises designed to heal intuition. Join us for a truly holistic approach to health and well-being, and leave with skills that will help you explore your full spiritual potential.
Overworld, Underworld and Middleworld
with Colette Gardiner 
Join me for a short lecture followed by a trance to visit and honor these realms. There are many ways humans make sense of the mysteries beyond us. Come explore what these places hold for you.  Open to all levels of experience.  
  Artwork by Letty Chichitonyolotli 
Spiritual Activation and Activism Using the Saints 
with Letty Chichitonyolotli
Priority to QTBIPOC  if this is not your experience and you wish to learn about this topic please come willing to step back and take up less space. 
Devotion to numerous Saints dates back hundreds of years in many cultures. Rituals, myths, and beliefs by indigenous communities neo-colonization era remain a rich part of the people's practice. Reliance on various Saints is a part of a complex cultural fabric that holds a delicate balance between modern Catholicism and non Christian Spiritural practices.  For me; growing up with the guidelines of Catholicism and Mexican culture comes with a specific flavor of spiritualism that is rooted in our indigenous beliefs, and devotion that is veiled in Christian faith. In this workshop we will discuss ways our collective spirituality has been influenced by colonization and how to reconcile, reclaim, and begin rebuilding our direct connection to our ancestors.  Attendees will partake in a pop-ed style discussion and knowledge share. Anyone interested in learning about Saints from a de-colonizing framework is welcome to attend.  ​ 
Artwork by  Letty Chichitonyolotli
  Artwork by Letty Chichitonyolotli 
The Sacred Dog
with Letty Chichitonyolotli
This class is open to all who are interested in learning about building on animal magic using a decolonization framework and employing a social justice/ trauma informed lens. The human-dog relationship goes back centuries and through this time we have evolved together and formed undeniable bonds. In this class we will briefly delve into the mythology of dogs in the Mexica culture and learn how to build, improve and repair our personal relationships with our dog companions through spiritual and plant medicinal practice with the use of a social justice lens and through a trauma informed approach.  Participants will gain skills on how to build a common language with the dogs in their lives and gain a social justice perspective in their connection to nature and plants in personal and professional magical practice. This class is co taught with my familiar Kimbo Chichiton.  
Witch's Words: A Magical Poetry Workshop
with Stephanie Adams-Santos 
For witches, brujas, and other magically-inclined sorts, poetry is a powerful craft to deepen one's connection to the "other side"—to open channels, work through spiritual blockages, enhance rituals, and sharpen intuition. In this workshop, we will create our own small trove of witch's words—exploring various exercises in poetry, including automatic writing, cross-writing, mantras, and spells. In ancient times, Romans used the same word—vates—for both poet and seer. Indeed, both poets and seers share a nonrational process that honors symbolism, creativity, and the imagination as tools for receiving wisdom, uncovering truth, and enacting change.

Inviting the Magic of the Fae Into our Lives 
with Pomegranate Doyle
Join me as we welcome and learn to invite the sidhe, the cousins, and the fae into our lives.  We will meet the fae and talk about how to cultivate relationships with them.  This class is open to all levels of experience. 

Incense Making 
with Donella-Elizabeth Alston and Ruby Mathews
Join Donella-Elizabeth and Ruby in a fun incense making workshop! Using a "practical magic/kitchen witchery" approach, we will create our own magical incense from herbs we all have in our kitchens (plus a few extras just for giggles; Dragon's Blood anyone?) No materials are required, but if possible please bring any of the following: your own mortar and pestle, dried herbs from your kitchen. Create mixtures individually or as part of a group. Everyone will be given a sample to take home for themselves.
Earth Allies and Spheres of Influence
with Sage Goode
We are all influenced by the world around us. As witches we need to develop tools for managing the impact these influences have on us.  One of these tools is working with Spheres of Influence: a practice where we identify the people, energies, and situations that we wish to have close to us and those that we wish to place at a greater distance.  In this way we can better manage the intensity of our world and continue to be powerful, magical activists.
In this trance-based class you will have an opportunity to connect with the Spirit of nature and discover the Elemental Allies who offer to work with you as you establish your Spheres of Influence. The forces of the Earth Herself are committed to doing this work with you.  Spirit Beings will step forward to hold each of the boundaries that separates one sphere from the next.  Together with your Allies you will create a living and dynamic map of your most empowered Self.
Please bring a journal, or drawing paper with you to this class so that you can draw your personal map. This class is suitable for all levels of experience.
A Pool Fed by Many Springs:
Returning to Centre in times of Challenge and Change
with Sage Goode
This class begins with a deep relaxation meditation.  This practice is simple, yet very effective, and helps to release the energetic contractions that are stored as tension in the body.
Next we will journey to the pool of consciousness which is at the heart of the mystery within.  Life experiences emerge in this pool, some challenging, others beautiful and inspiring.  As the Witness to this magic, you can receive the teachings, open to the healing possibilities, and release that which does not feed your Soul.
Both meditations can be used in your daily practise and called upon in difficult situations.
This class is suitable for all levels of experience.
The Bawdy Divine
with Irene McCalphin
Our sacred body contains the vibrations of manifestation. This workshop is part play, part vulnerability and all about harnessing and integrating the power of burlesque and erotic movement to raise energy, shield, cleanse space, manifest desires and heal thine own sacred self. Come see and be seen. Accessible to all bodies and abilities. Body Shaming will not be tolerated. Body Celebration will be magnified.

Strength Through Vulnerability
A Practical Discussion About Working With Our Guides and Magical Team
with Moe Bowstern 
You’ve developed a relationship of sorts with some spirit beings and assembled a team. You’ve got some way to check in with your magic and with your team. But you still don’t quite know, really know, how to trust in this process. How do I ‘give it over?’  What is surrender? How do I work with my guides?
Is this you? Come to this class for a frank discussion about working with your guides as an everyday practice in mundane and magical decision making. Moe Bowstern will give a talk and lead a Q and A.
Bring your decision-making tool, questions large and small and your frustrations about spirit team work.
Class requirements: some personal knowledge of working with spirit guides or allies, some experience in dowsing and magical decision making. Bring: your magical self; a willingness to engage in asking questions; humility; honesty; humor.

Dreaming Our Desires:  Exploring Queer Spirit 
with Ebony Galluzzo and Larry Savides 
How do we navigate to our own personal truth, to self-awareness? Our desires arise unbidden, challenging us out of cultural hypnosis and into exploring our own truths.  Queer desire is as natural as the bud opening into the flower.  Queerness is owning our desires, and choosing our actions.  Using trance, lecture, and discussion we will evoke and invite the deep space from which our desires emanate. We will review and use the tools of the Queer Pentacle to reclaim and reaffirm the truth of our desires.  All are welcome to this class!!!

Storytelling and Storylistening: A Spiritual Practice for Healing Trauma
with Melissa Bennett
This workshop explores the intimate relationship between storytelling and storylistening. We will explore writing as spiritual practice and participants will have the opportunity to  write and share stories, practicing both the telling and the listening. Bring fast writing pens and your favorite notebook. This class is for BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) only.  

Ancestral Recovery: Learning to Connect with your History to Better Shape your Future
with Melissa Bennett
This workshop will utilize story, genealogical resources, and meditation/prayer to teach participants how to connect with their own unique ancestral histories. We will then examine the art of futurism to turn the lessons of our ancestors into visions for the future. Bring fast writing pens, your favorite notebook, and photos or mementos of your ancestors for a community altar. Open to all.
The Earth Temple: Labyrinth Magic 
with Pomegranate Doyle
In this workshop, we will work the sacred tool of the labyrinth through ritual magic. The labyrinth holds the power of the earth that was hidden away when magic was under attack. We will join in the effort to unfurl this sacred magic. All are welcome. 
Singing to the Elements
with Iris Misciagna 
In this basic magic class, learn about the elements and sing their praises. Through exercise, toning, and learning simple chants and songs, we will open to our relationship with the elements of our sacred living earth and our bodies. You do not need any singing experience to take this class! Each of us has a birthright to the power of the elements earth, air, fire, water, and center, and each of us has a voice that can sing their praises.
Many Realms of Place: Exploring Several Spirit Portlands
with Larry Savides 
Every landscape has it's own deep complex natures as well as many spirit inhabitants.  And like us the landscape-soul has layers and aspects and can form and express itself in many ways.  We will discuss this topic as well as some ways to deepen our experience in the living landscape.  Then we will take a trance journey into several layers of Magical Portland, using the cities' names and nicknames as inspiration.  All levels of experience are invited to this class.
Moving with Spirit
with Sage Goode
Flowing movement, breathing and sounding. Soften into your spirit, and let the magic of your body guide you, as you integrate your experiences.
The Magic Conference is wonderful and stimulating. All of the amazing people and ideas and magical possibilities can be overwhelming. Let this class be a gift that you give to yourself.
This session is suitable for all levels of experience and all bodies and abilities.
Tracing Our Soul Origins Using Stone Magic
with Shayne Case 
These days we can spit into a tube and send it off to a lab and a few weeks later receive a colorful pie chart in the mail telling us where our ancestors reigned from. But, how does that explain reoccurring dreams of belonging to a tribe on a continent you've never visited; the drive to study medicine from a culture not your own; or feeling like you landed on a foreign planet and cannot wait to get back to your own faraway star. Through storytelling, taking stone elixirs, and meditative journeying we will investigate our soul's origin story so that we can better understand our own cultural and spiritual magical roots. Please bring your journals. 
The Medicine in my Grandmother's Chai: A Map to Building our Hearts into Homes and Restoring Reciprocity in our Bodies and World.
with Kirin Bhatti 

In this session you will get the secret ingredients to my grandmother's chai, which also happens to be a map on how to construct a home out of our hearts. A home that's so fortified and soft that it can transform anything - loneliness, powerlessness, fatigue, scarcity - within us and in our world. We will remember how together - as we tell stories, play with crayons, laugh and meditate - sometimes all at once! Hope to see you there. 
In The Face of Fear
with Irene McCalphin
Fear is something that has kept us alive and safe. But just like any Guardian Spirit it can turn to demon.
Join me for tools and rituals designed to turn Fear from the vast ocean that seeks to drown us back into the nourishing  watery mirror we learn and grow from.
We defiantly exist, move, love and create in a time of tremendous horror that has us  scrambling for anything that resembles "The Light"
Come remember that we are the light.  We are the sacred hell and glorious terror to the things that go bump in the night.
Comedy Hour and Open Mic
with Melody Awesomazing, Pet Phychic to the Stars 
Join Melody Awesomazing, Pet Psychic to the Stars as they answer your burning animal questions.  They will dazzle with their magical abilities.  This is 100% for entertainment purposes only.  Comedy show will be immediately followed by an open mic hosted by Melody. Bring your talents!  All welcome!  Join us during lunch time on Sunday.  
Panel: Social Justice and Queer Magic 
with Haylin Belay, Irene McCalphin, Kirin Bhatti, and Dusty Dmitri Bloomingheart
Moderated by Ruby Garcia