Teacher Bios for 2018

Colette Gardiner currently runs a four-year Mystery School in Portland, Oregon that focuses on ritual training. She is an activist with over 25 years of experience teaching about the green world. She has a background in clinical herbalism, horticulture, women’s health care, as well as an intense interest in all plants.

She started her magical practice twenty years ago in Southern Oregon women’s circles. She is a Reclaiming Initiate, and a Faeri initiate. She was a founding member of GoddessIs, a ritual theatre collective, was a member of Strand by Strand a Reclaiming group that facilitated public ritual, and is a member of Black Cross Health Collective. She has taught at Sappho Camp and taught ritual theater at a Reclaiming Witch Camp. Published writings include "Nourishing the Menstrual Cycle", featured writings in We’Moon Almanac and publication in several anthologies. She can be reached at (503) 238-5885.

Pomegranate Doyle, one of the greatest priestesses of our time, is an artist, witch and healer living in Portland, OR. She is a powerful psychic and empath who is busy saving the world through counseling, mind blowing tarot readings, and teaching others how to interpret their dreams and nurture their intuition.

She has a long history of priestessing witch camps and has been practicing and teaching magic for over 20 years. She currently teaches at the Blue Iris Mystery School with Colette Gardiner. She has a call-in podcast where she delves into the mysteries of life, death, and beyond. You can listen to her podcast here. You can learn more about Pom’s artistic life and check out her artwork at pomegranatedoyle.com

Sage Goode lives in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada with her wife, two cats and many magical beings. She is the founder of Crossroads Mystery School and has been teaching the Craft for 30 years. She teaches workshops around North America and through Telephone Ritual Workings — an amazing and powerful way to connect through space and time. She has also created a CD of guided visualizations and trance workings. "For us to follow the path of our Soul’s purpose we must be willing: to listen, to transform, to surrender to the Divine and to become who we were meant to be. This is essential. This is the Work. First, become willing … everything else flows from that."

Check out her website at www.sagegoode.com

Larry Savides is a witch with a strong shamanic and mystical bent.  Always drawn int close communication with nature, he had his first psychic dreams at the age of four and a life-changing glimpse into how the physical world we observe emerges from inner energy patterns at the age of 14. He gathers information from dreams and trance journeying as well as reading the energy of land, events, dwellings, and people.  

Using the shamanic principal that all things are alive, aware and responsive as his touch-stone, Larry has for more than a decade taught people to connect with the magic in their lives in both the Reclaiming Tradition and the Blue Iris Mystery School. Teaching that all things are expressions of relationship he expands the adage "magic is changing consciousness at will" and helps his students "alter relationships with will," finding that this applies equally to the past, present, and future.

Vanessa Lewis, formerly known as Jezebel Delilah X, is a queer, lush-bodied, Black, femme performance artist, writer, actress, filmmaker, educator, facilitator, orator and Faerie Goddess Mermaid Gangsta for The Revolution. She loves to flirt, laugh, perform, crack corny jokes, and insert Octavia Butler references into every conversation. She is a Co-Managing Editor for Everyday Feminism and Director of queer, Black, multi-disciplinary performance troupe, Congregation of Liberation. She has performed in a wide variety of Queer  theatre projects and cabarets, and has been a featured reader at literary events all over the Bay Area. She uses a combination of memoir, poetry, theatre, and feminist storytelling to advance her politix of radical love, socioeconomic justice, anti-racism, community accountability, critical reflection, love, healing, and liberation. She loves romantic songs, romantic films, romantic books, romantic conversations, romantic friendships, and writing long, vulnerable, passionate facebook statuses about romance.

Ebony Galluzzo has been practicing magic for 10 years and is an initiate of the Crossroads lineage, a Blue Iris Mystery School Graduate, and an apprentice to the fabulous Pomegranate Doyle. He brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and depth to the rituals they priestess and classes they teach. Ebony believes that magic is infused into every aspect of life, and with the power of intention even the simplest act can be made sacred. He uses his work as a parent, artist, teacher and priestess to change the world for the better.

Ecstatic Witch, Queer Fat Burlesque Dancer, Chanteuse, Model and Art Activist Irene McCalphin (Magnoliah Black) can be found all over the Bay Area creating and maintaining spaces for radical self-love and empowerment. Co-founder and resident Massage Therapist of A Sovereign Embodiment (ASE) Healing Collective she provides compassionate care to intersectional communities.  This published author, storyteller and performer highlights the intersections of fat, race, feminism, kink, spirituality and human sexuality with ritual, vulnerability, rage and joy.

Sean Donahue is a highly neurodivergent wild forest creature who defies the seelie/unseelie binary. He lives on traditional Klickitat territory in Trout Lake, WA and has an herbal practice in Portland and Beaverton, OR. He is an initiated priest of the BlackHeart line of the Feri Tradition of witchcraft, and carrier of the Green Wand. http://ww.seandonahueherbalist.com

Rhea Wolf is a feminist, witch, and astrologer whose life purpose is to help people awaken their inherent creativity, activate their authentic selves and deepen their connections to the larger world. A graduate of Colette Gardiner's Blue Iris Mystery School, Rhea is motivated by a vision of an emerging culture based on respect, beauty, justice and relatedness. She the co-creator of the Which is Witch zines (with Amanda Blix), and author of  The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time, and Children of Medusa, a chapbook of poems and stories. Her writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, hipMama, VoiceCatcher and We'Moon Datebooks. In addition to her client work, Rhea teaches at the Portland School of Astrology and facilitates the Pagan Gathering group at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. 

Iris Misciagna
is an artist, tarot reader, teacher, and priestess. She is a graduate of the 
Blue Iris Mystery School and currently works there as a student teacher and ritual priestess. She has been practicing the craft for 15 years and teaching for 7. Using the language of symbols, she creates divination tools, magical essences, and altar art. Her artist’s heart, connection to faerie, and work with the animal council strongly influence her work as a priestess. 

Stephanie Adams-Santos
is a Guatemalan-American writer, educator and bruja. She is the author of Swarm Queen’s Crown (finalist for a 2017 Lambda Literary Award) and several chapbooks: Total Memory; Little Fugues and The Sundering (Winner of the New York Chapbook Fellowship). Adams-Santos is a graduate of Stanford University and Columbia University’s School of the Arts. Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best New Poets, and Best of the Net. She is the recipient of a 2016 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship, and her work has been featured for Poetry Press Week. Her work has appeared in many print and online journals and magazines, including Guernica, The Boston Review, Orion, and others. Adams-Santos currently teaches poetry in the certificate program at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, and is the founder of Tarot Obscuro.

Moe Bowstern is a 1989 alumnus of Northwestern University and studied for 5 years with Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle at the Blue Iris Mystery School, graduating in 2012.. She is an accomplished bard, writer and poet. Moe has since 1996 published Xtra Tuf, a zine about commercial fishing, in print and audio form. She is currently training in advanced priestessing with Pomegranate Doyle, Larry Savides, Nancy Conescu and Kevin Duell.

Moe fished commercially as an Alaskan deckhand from 1985-2007, facing many fears in her work on the ever-changing sea in a male-dominated environment far from the comforts of home.  Moe currently works as a performer, a mundane housecleaner and practical utility witch, cleaning and clearing public and private spaces. Moe brings her legacy as a laborer to her witching, priestessing marriages, deaths, hospital stays, temple dedications and basic ghostbusting.

Melody Awesomazing, Pet Psychic to the Stars
is 50% psychic 50% clown and 100% for entertainment purposes only!   Melody is excited to bring their show to the Northwest Magic Conference.  Come see them to find out if you have hidden haunted hairballs or you need any pet related psychic advice. Past, present or future!