Class Descriptions for 2018  
Overworld, Underworld and Middleworld
with Colette Gardiner 

Join me for a short lecture followed by a trance to visit and honor these realms. There are many ways humans make sense of the mysteries beyond us. Come explore what these places hold for you.  Open to all levels of experience.  

Spiritual Activation and Activism Using the Saints
with Letty Chichitonyolotli 

Priority to QTBIPOC  if this is not your experience and you wish to learn about this topic please come willing to step back and take up less space. 

Devotion to numerous Saints dates back hundreds of years in many cultures. Rituals, myths, and beliefs by indigenous communities neo-colonization era remain a rich part of the people's practice. Reliance on various Saints is a part of a complex cultural fabric that holds a delicate balance between modern Catholicism and non Christian Spiritural practices.  For me; growing up with the guidelines of Catholicism and Mexican culture comes with a specific flavor of spiritualism that is rooted in our indigenous beliefs, and devotion that is veiled in Christian faith. In this workshop we will discuss ways our collective spirituality has been influenced by colonization and how to reconcile, reclaim, and begin rebuilding our direct connection to our ancestors.  Attendees will partake in a pop-ed style discussion and knowledge share. Anyone interested in learning about Saints from a de-colonizing framework is welcome to attend.  ​ 

The Sacred Dog
Letty Chichitonyolotli 

This class is open to all who are interested in learning about building on animal magic using a decolonization framework and employing a social justice/ trauma informed lens.

The human-dog relationship goes back centuries and through this time we have evolved together and formed undeniable bonds. In this class we will briefly delve into the mythology of dogs in the Mexica culture and learn how to build, improve and repair our personal relationships with our dog companions through spiritual and plant medicinal practice with the use of a social justice lens and through a trauma informed approach.  Participants will gain skills on how to build a common language with the dogs in their lives and gain a social justice perspective in their connection to nature and plants in personal and professional magical practice.
This class is co taught with my familiar Kimbo Chichiton 

Am I Even a Witch?
with Rhea Wolf 

Witch is a pop culture trend, a political statement, a religion, a spiritual path, a family tradition, a secret, a resistance movement, a fashion statement. Wherever we fall in this spectrum, we can still go through what mystics have called a "long dark night of the soul"  - when your practice and identity shift so completely, you feel like you don't have a ground to stand on. What happens to you when you feel utterly disconnected from the Great Mother, faerie realm, universal spirit of love, etc? What do you do? Where can you turn? What can sustain you even when you feel defeated and totally UNmagical? Explore some ideas, exercises, and conversations about this topic, with a witch who's been there. Many times.

Ethics and Witchcraft: A Community Collaboration
with Rhea Wolf 

In the past few years, there have been discussions of hexing, cursing, and binding spells. This topic offers juicy ideas, heated arguments, and sometimes even racist reactions. Whoa! What is hexing anyway? Is it ever ethical to curse someone? Do you work in the Witches Rede? Rhea will offer a brief history and discuss current events related to this topic, then open it up for those present to grapple with the ethics of the witch in modern times.

More Classes coming for 2018 SOON!  
Classes from 2017 Below: 
The Journey is my Home: Keynote with Rhea Wolf 
Using our magic to tackle serious subjects

In addition to being a witch and priestess, Rhea Wolf has spent her life immersed in story and theater. Her presentation will include examples of how racism is currently being addressed in our Pagan communities, and help us explore together how storytelling and poetry can inspire our magical work. Healing the wounds of racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression in our spiritual communities can seem overwhelming. The intention of this keynote is to help us tackle these topics with less resistance and defensiveness, and to experience the deep connections that can be created when we are willing to stay present to this magical and mundane work.

Going Deep with Earth Magic  
with Colette Gardiner

As witches we see the earth as alive and the primary source of our strength and magic. Through trance journey and a brief discussion we will explore the various elemental layers and realms of earth magic that are accessible to us, meet some beings from various parts of the earth's body, find where and how those magics resonate in us, and how we can work with them.  This class is available to all levels of experience, no experience necessary.  

Tuning In To Heart's Desire
with Miel Rose 

Desire is one of the energies that fuels creativity, inspiration, magic and life itself. Desire is joyful and ecstatic; like sap running in the spring, a seed sprouting, laughing from your gut with loved ones. In this class, we will explore ways to tune into our authentic desires and identify the obstacles that stand in our way to embracing them. Through discussion, guided trance, and journaling, we will craft a vision of heart’s desire to help with personal growth and manifestation.  Available to all levels, no experience necessary, just be willing to go on trance journey. 

Working with the Red Dragon
with Rhea Wolf

Dragons are powerful energies and beings which guard, protect, and enliven our world. Working with them can accelerate the pace of healing and transformation available to us on a personal and collective level. Come explore how to work with one of the dragons, The Red Dragon, as an expression of our bloodlines and the survival instinct in order to heal ancestral, trans-generational trauma. The healing of the bloodlines in this way goes hand in hand with the healing of racism, misogyny, and oppression in many forms. A Red Dragon meditation connects you to the blood of your body, the blood of the Moon, the blood of the Sun, and the blood of the Earth to maximize resiliency and fluidity in the changes we so desperately need.

The Dark Keys: Understanding and Utilizing Chiron and Pluto in your birthchart for healing and self mastery
with Miss Renee 

Pluto is the Destroyer. It rules transformation through crisis. Points to how we use, abuse, withhold, give away and share power. It helps us die to be reborn anew.  Chiron is the Wounded Healer. It shows us how and where we are deepest wounded, and how that initial wounding can end up being where we are greatest gifted and greatest able to heal others.

Chiron and Pluto take us on an inner journey into the darkest Black. Black symbolizes the combination of all colors of the universe, and it is from Black that all colors originate and spring up to create the lively rainbow. Just like the color Black, understanding these dark keys can help us unlock our deepest, most secret, most wounded parts of ourselves and open a door to the our most vivid beauty.

I invite you to bring your courage, a notebook and the gift of your vulnerability as we create a space of honesty, learning and self empowerment. Please bring a print out of your  birthchart to class or be ready to pull it up on  

Inviting the Magic of the Fae Into our Lives 
with Pomegranate Doyle

Join me as we welcome and learn to invite the sidhe, the cousins, and the fae into our lives.  We will meet the fae and talk about how to cultivate relationships with them.  This class is open to all levels of experience. 

Sovereignty and the Land 
with Sean Donahue  

The late Gwydion Pendderwen devoted much of his magical work to developing an understanding of the relationship between sacred kings, sovereignty, and the land.

Inspired by that work, Sean Donahue has entered into his own inquiry into the relationship between personal and collective sovereignty and the living earth, and between individual, community, and planetary health.   This workshop will be a bardic sharing of the traces of the gnosis emerging from that exploration.  This class is appropriate for all levels of experience.  

Word, Number, Image: Tarot Weaves the World
with Alexa Weinstein 

 What did the Phoenician alphabet ever do to you? What does Democritus have to do with the High Priestess? What can the Emperor learn from the DMV? How is the Hierophant like a see-saw? Is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle stored in the Hermit’s lamp? All these questions and many more will be explored in this workshop. Whether you have no idea what your tarot Birth Cards are or you’ve been working with them for decades, there will be plenty for you to learn, because the oceans of the cards can never be fathomed. After we use our magical minds to make our way through a story that braids together the histories of words, numbers, and images, we will sink below our minds and journey together through the tarot constellations, bringing back new information about who we are, what we’re doing here, and what these energies need from us now.

No experience or tarot knowledge necessary. I use the Rider-Waite (which I call the Pixie Smith) deck, but you are quite welcome to bring and use others. Our journeying will not involve deep trance.

Pentacle of  the Goddess Brigid
with Sage Goode  

Welcome to the Pentacle of Brigid: a walking meditation, a core teaching and a gift from the Divine. In this class we are invited to deepen into the alignment of our personal will with our soul’s purpose in this lifetime. We are called to a path of consciousness and we embark upon the Journey. Brigid offers us healing in Her Well. She awakens the Flame of inspiration and creativity within us. And we release and are transformed at the Forge. With clarity and purpose we step into the power of the Vow we make. And then we Journey onward. Although we will review the basics of the Pentacle as a tool, much of the class will focus on the magical work and empowerment of the qualities of Journey, Well, Flame, Forge and Vow. Please bring a large journal or drawing paper. Open to all. 

The Powers of Magical Influence 
with Sage Goode 

We are all influenced by the world around us and as witches and shamans we develop tools and strategies for managing the impact those influences have on us. A great strength arises from our ability to step into our power and send energy, influence and vision into the world. In this class we will work with techniques that allow us to influence powerfully, remain conscious and informed, and feed our wholeness and well-being.

In this magic we work with the allies of spirit: the elemental beings and forces of the Earth Herself. Together with your allies, you recognize the spheres of influence in your life. The allies help to mark the boundaries of each of the spheres and to mediate the energies that flow to the centre. The allies are powerful helpers when you take action and send your influence into the world. The class includes discussion, visualization and magic! Please bring a journal.  Appropriate for all levels of experience. 

"What happens between the worlds affects all the worlds"
with Ebony Galluzzo and Iris Misciagna

This is the power of circle casting, essential when practicing magic and the first step in creating sacred space.  When we cast a circle a protected space is created, a form is made for magic to inhabit and build.  The ordinary is made sacred.  In this class we will explore the steps and tools used to cast a circle, and the various ways circle casting can be used to bring protection and intention into your daily life.  We will discuss personal circles, circles around your home, and creating temporary sacred space.  This is a beginning level class and great for those new to magic.  

Witch's Words: A Magical Poetry Workshop
with Stephanie Adams-Santos 

For witches, brujas, and other magically-inclined sorts, poetry is a powerful craft to deepen one's connection to the "other side"—to open channels, work through spiritual blockages, enhance rituals, and sharpen intuition. In this workshop, we will create our own small trove of witch's words—exploring various exercises in poetry, including automatic writing, cross-writing, mantras, and spells. In ancient times, Romans used the same word—vates—for both poet and seer. Indeed, both poets and seers share a nonrational process that honors symbolism, creativity, and the imagination as tools for receiving wisdom, uncovering truth, and enacting change.

Tarot, I Ching, Bibliomancy + more: Using Divination in your Writing or Visual Arts Practice 
with Michelle Ruiz Keil 

Come explore the relationship between divination and art in this hands-on workshop. At their best, both divination and artistic practice involve flow states where we access deep wisdom and creativity. Combining the two can have spectacular results! Doing a tarot reading on the subject of a painting or throwing the I Ching for a story plot point that has you stumped can throw open the door to synchronicity and flow, enriching your work in ways that are sure to surprise you.

In this workshop, we will discuss several techniques that combine divination and artistic practice, then open our notebooks and experiment with time before we close to discuss our experiences and, for those who desire, to share our work. This class is open to all levels of experience. 

The Bawdy Divine
with Irene McCalphin

Our sacred body contains the vibrations of manifestation. This workshop is part play, part vulnerability and all about harnessing and integrating the power of burlesque and erotic movement to raise energy, shield, cleanse space, manifest desires and heal thine own sacred self. Come see and be seen. Accessible to all bodies and abilities. Body Shaming will not be tolerated. Body Celebration will be magnified.

Toppling the Tower 
with Irene McCalphin 

Rituals and spells for Resistance, Revolution and Radical Self Care. We answer the call of Resistance! With money, mouth and magic directed against the tower and its dragon We answer the call of Resistance! With the ordered thoughts of a mind calm and cold as the river iced in winter We answer the call of Resistance! We hear the drum We hold the sword We see the field We answer the call of Resistance!  This class is open to all.  

Tarot for Truth
with Erin Aquarian

Unlike our government, tarot does not lie, and it challenges us to look at where we have accepted lies as truth within our own belief systems. Society's oppressive and repressive conditioning causes us to develop false beliefs, which reside within us and limit our sense of what is possible. I believe tarot is an excellent guide to challenge all kinds of lies, stay sane, and stay in our power. This class will present the tarot as a tool to resist all kinds of untruth, including the untruths we tell ourselves. As the truth frees our minds, we better access our own power and potential. This helps us create real, positive change within our own lives and the world.

Artwork by Maria Johnston
Magical Tools for Dealing with Fear: Discussion and Skillshare
Whistling In the Dark
with Moe Bowstern 

With hate crimes on the rise, massive and cruel budget cuts destabilizing social programs and racist, misogynist policy being proposed by a tiny ruling class of white supremacists, it can be tough to navigate internal and external fears. What are practical, magical actions we can take to boost resilience and restore our courage? How do we face our fears as witches? What do we gain when we do? Is it ok to be afraid? Join Moe Bowstern for a practical discussion of tools and skills for dealing with fear. Bring your own ideas to share. Open to all levels.

Making Other Worlds Possible 
with Sean Donahue

Our culture has driven things out of this world that are fundamental to its survival. The human and wild dead, the Daoine Sidhe, and the human and wild descendants of those now inhabiting the earth seek to ally with those who would transform this culture to allow for their re-entry into the world. This talk will be an exploration of one witch's relationship with once and future worlds.  This class is open to all levels of experience. 

Exploring the Energy of the Green Vital Underworld

with Larry Savides 

The living earth vibrates with energy and vitality.  Peoples living in closer contact with the cycles of plants, animals, and landscapes often described fertility and abundance as coming to us from the Land Beneath the Land.  We will discuss and explore ways to engage this process intellectually and energetically. All levels of experience are welcome.

The Fairy Tale Map: Using fairy tale to inform ritual, creative work and personal growth
with Michelle Ruiz Keil

While myths usually tell grand stories of political upheaval or epic adventure, fairy and folk tales unfold on a more personal scale where the drama centers around family, love, trauma and healing. We'll enter storytime together, shining a light into the dusty corners of two classic (and slightly disturbing) tales, The Handless Maiden and Little All Kinds of Fur. 

We will explore the differences between myth and fairy tale, discover an alternative to the Hero's Journey story structure, and brainstorm ways fairy and folk tales might apply to our ritual work, personal healing and creative lives. No experience necessary. 

Sex Magic Ritual
with Jeevan Singh + Shayne Case 

In these times of political chaos, we have a choice: to join the reactionary conservatism of repression or step into our own conscious agency. What are our essential human rights? One is: we have a right to embodied pleasure. Historically, one of the most effective social tools of disempowerment has been creating shame and fear around our sexuality and bodies. In this collective healing ritual led by Shayne Case and Jeevan Singh, we will do the work of untangling sexuality from the threat of harassment, violence, isolation, institutional bullying and political agenda by using magic, the co-creative forces of the seen and unseen worlds, gem elixirs, sound, personal story, and deep meditation. This experiential work is appropriate for adults at all levels of learning.

Weaving the Webs of Protection 
with Lou Lamotte

Charm magic is an old magic. A chanting under your breath, the words that have always been spoken by your people kind of magic. It's a passed down necklace that has always brought the wearer luck, or love. It's an intentional object outside your door to protect you, or pouch in your pocket filled with herbs and stones.

In this workshop we will make our own protection charms using the sticks and branches of well loved tree allies and gems. With our intuition guiding us, we will play with shapes and patterns to let the story of our protection charm weave together building a charm for you to use in your home, altar, or anywhere you need a little extra protection. You will leave with a finished charm and the knowledge of how to use it. All levels of experience welcome. 

Plant and Stone – Voices of the Ancients 
with Roberta Mackrill

Three years ago, I began a 3 month conversation with an ancient tree spirit, the outcome being a Very Old cedar tree growing outside my cabin, that was not previously there. Many have witnessed this-- or I would find it hard to believe, myself.  This year has led me to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, on the trail of the ancient yews. The questions and answers they will bring profoundly change our lives. For those who will listen, I will share their medicine.  This class is open to all. 

Class Descriptions from 2016 

The Symbolism of the Waite-Smith High Priestess Card, A Power-Pt Presentation + Personal Readings
with Mary K. Greer

The key to A. E. Waite's concept of a Secret Tradition in the Major Arcana is the role of the Shekinah or Sophia (Wisdom), depicted as the High Priestess. Her importance is demonstrated by her position on the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, leading directly to the sephira Kether. Via a slide presentation we will first explore the depth of the card's symbolism, historically as Popess, and how she has developed into modern times. Then we will turn to the particular symbols in the Waite-Smith card as keys to our own inner wisdom through a personal reading to obtain her guidance.

Tarot Reading Circle
with Mary K. Greer

Working together intuitively increases everyone's skills as you will discover in this reading circle. You will give and receive impressions from Tarot cards for the benefit of all - whether you've ever read a Tarot card before or not. No matter your expertise, you will learn new skills and deepen your divinatory awareness. Plus, each person will receive several messages from the heart regarding a personal question. Suitable for everyone.

Maiden Mother Crone
with Colette Gardiner 

Join me for an exploration of the triple goddess. Part trance, part lecture we will explore the ancient nature of the triple goddesses who held all aspects of creation and destruction within themselves. We will also explore the individual aspects of maiden, mother and crone, and how they show up in our lives,which aspects are currently strongest for us and why.

Past Life Healing 
withMarcella Kroll

Past Life Regression is a powerful way for you to find answers, healing, clarity, and solutions to phobias, fears, or strong unexplainable attachments, and connections to things, people, and places in your present life. Please join Marcella Kroll for a guided meditation to explore one of your many past lives.

Ritual of the Ankh
with Marcella Kroll

Please join artist and medium Marcella Kroll, as she walks you through the process of calling in what you want in a fun and creative way. This hands on workshop is designed to help with setting intentions for the next month, or even for the year ahead. Through art, meditation, and the power of symbols in ritual we can find clarity while bringing in energy to what we are desiring, so we may manifest more of what we want in our lives, while banishing what we do not want.

A Psychic's View of the Afterlife
with Pomegranate Doyle

There are many possibilities for a soul after death. 
Some choices are beautiful and healing, others are not so favorable.  Learn about the different kinds of dead: ancestors, ghosts, recyclers, the lost and what to do about them.

Your Magical Team: An Introduction to your Spirit Guides 
with Pomegranate Doyle

You came to earth with a team. Get to know the beings that are on this journey with you, their jobs and how to communicate with them.

Intermediate/advanced.  Please have a working knowledge of sacred space and be able to trance or meditate.

Ask Pomegranate Live!
with Pomegranate Doyle

Have questions about the craft?  Bring them to a live taping of the popular magical advice show "Ask Pomegranate" with special guest, Larry Savides.

Ceremony for the Wild Child
with Shayne Case

Who is the wild child? A magical, mystical creature closer to spirit than human. A pure expression unmolded by the social constructs of tradition, culture, religion, and tribal beliefs. The wild child inspires all creative thought and action. In this workshop, Shayne will guide you in a sacred ceremony to heal and reconnect you to the power of your inner wild child. Please bring a picture of yourself as a child to this ceremony.

Magical Practice and the Great Turning
with Rhea Wolf 

We are alive in interesting times. Great changes are sweeping across our planet, and we can feel overwhelmed by uncertainty or fear in face of such circumstances. As witches, we are uniquely positioned to be a part of the positive changes that reconnect us to the Earth and one another – and to take part in the healing of our world. Rhea will lead exercises based on Joanna Macy's The Work That Reconnects, a body of work developed over four decades that offers support and encouragement for people doing all sorts of activism, including activism that is personal, spiritual, public, or organizational. You will leave with tools to enhance your own magical practice, having experienced your relationship to yourself and the world in a whole new way. Rhea has led workshops in The Work That Reconnects for over fifteen years.

Inner Fire: Celebrating the Spring
with Rhea Wolf

In this workshop, we will spend time connecting to the seasonal energy of the Spring, a time to connect with our bodies, reawaken our power, and discover abundance, and open to desire within our hearts. Through guided exercises, meditations and storytelling, we will journey to the gateway of spring and encounter the wilderness within. Rhea has led Inner Fire workshops for over a decade, helping people connect with the dynamic energy of the solar-based holy days.

Non-Normative Gender Roles in Myth and History
with Beau-Caprice Vetch

The notion of binary gender is, itself, relative. In many cultures throughout history there have been spaces for people who did not fit into what we would, today, think of as the gender binary. While it would be irresponsible to claim a common universal “queer history” using the basis of a contemporary Western understanding of gender and sexuality as a framework, we can certainly look at, and perhaps learn from, unique examples of gender expression throughout myth and history and the spaces various cultures created for these gender identities.In this class, we will look at the berdache, “third gender,” and “two-spirit” tradition present in several Native American cultures. Here we will find historical accounts of real individuals who occupied these roles as well as rich mythological narratives that were integral in establishing a space and often a “shamanic” role for third-gender individuals in culturally specific ways. We will also look at the unique space occupied by hijras of India and the rituals and mythological traditions associated with hijra identities. In addition to looking fairly in-depth at these distinctive identities, we will also examine an array of deities, myths, and supernatural beings from places such as Japan, Africa, Polynesia, and Central and South America that occupied space outside of the gender binary.

Basic Tools for Clearing Your Space
with Moe Bowstern

Join Utility Witch Moe Bowstern for a demonstrative lecture outlining a few basic tools anyone can use to clear and refresh personal and public space. There will be a Q & A. Bring a list of 1-3 tools you use or have seen others use, questions, an open mind and a willingness to take in practical information. This class is open to all levels.

Plant and Stone – Voices of the Ancients
with Roberta Mackrill

Two years ago, I began a 3 month conversation with an ancient tree spirit, the outcome being a Very Old cedar tree growing outside my cabin, that was not previously there. Many have witnessed this-- or I would find it hard to believe, myself.  This year has led me to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, on the trail of the ancient yews. The questions and answers they will bring profoundly change our lives. For those who will listen, I will share their medicine.

In this highly useful class, we will discover astrology as a magical tool. Our focus will be on enhancing the natural, essential, flow. Techniques will include:

—Psychic Protection
Imbue talismens with the outside forces
Wear gems to enhance your aura
Avoid toxic mixings
—Megamanifestation; Understand, optimize, & harness your essence
—Magical beginnings; Time marriages, openings, projects, etc.
—Divine collaborations; Foster auspicious mergings
—Maximize Potency; beautify, strengthen, & appear at auspicious times

This class is appropriate for all levels. 

A Journey for Personal Healing - An experiential workshop and guided journey to access the power of your own innate healing capacity
with Gayle Corlett

During this workshop we will explore the Seven Planes of Consciousness - one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation that I have encountered.  This will be a guided journey and we will hold the sacred space together.

We will use our intention and our imaginations to create a magic elevator to carry us through the dimensions.  We will create sacred space in the Earth's heart center to ground the energies.  We will explore the seven planes to see what each plane offers for us as a gift.  We will run seventh plane energies for personal healing and we will reground the energies to the Earth for manifestation.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

A Goddess Ritual
with Phoenix

Wanting some space out of time to hang with the Goddess? Needing to integrate all of these amazing classes? Join me this hour for a delightful, restorative ritual. All are welcome, and especially those who have never been to a ritual before. Intention and ritual description coming soon.

Star Song and the Well of Sunrise
with Sage Goode

We open to our starry natures and journey to Star Finder, the Guardian of the East. Passing through this Gate we receive the blessings of the first rising of the sun. We touch the exuberance of new possibilities in our lives. This workshop is trance-based and is suitable for those who are familiar with moving into and out of altered states of consciousness (trance, journey work). This workshop is an excerpt from Faery Roads, a four year program in the magical arts. A new group is forming and will start Fall 2016. Contact for more information.  Sage Goode will be offering Spirit Guide readings in the Market Place.

The Halls of the Mountain King
with Larry Savides

Throughout history people have been fascinated with mountains and in love with their majesty.  Seen as the Axis Mundi, living gods, abode of the Goddess and in many other ways as well the spirit and personality of mountains have been revered for all of human time.

We seek the Mountain King who is the living, conscious spirit of the Mountain.  His halls, like the mountain itself, exist in untold numbers of magical realms.  

With his guidance and help we journey into the Mountain Halls and find the realms of magic that reconnect us to the power of the Sacred Landscape.  This class is for medium to advanced.  Please have some trance or meditation experience.

Calling in your Soul's Purpose
with Larry Savides

In a culture that challenges and changes our sense of self it is important to renew our connection to our soul's purpose.  We can reactivate the Soul Agreements that brought us here.  Learn this tool of empowerment, navigation and protection.   This class is for medium to advanced, please have some trance or meditation experience. 

Using We'Moon as a Magical Tool and the role of  Midwife in Feminist Spiritual Organizations
with Sue Burns

We'Moon: a magickal tool, a spiritual movement, a way of life, an ever growing multi-generational reflection of a changing feminist landscape through art and writing.  Join long-time womanager and editorial board member, Sue and learn how we create We'Moon and how you can use We'Moon as a magickal tool.  Through a brief history and her evolution over the years to the current players in the datebook that is your "church in a purse".  Come, be part of the discussion of midwifing this (and other) spiritual, feminist organizations between generations.  We'Moon was born on women's land in the late 70s and has grown to include a readership of more than 50,000 across the world.  Where will she go next?  We'Moons provided.

Earth Work through Alter Creation 
with Ebony Galluzzo and Iris Misciagna

Altars can be elaborate or simple, take hours to create, or be made in a moment, crafted out of fine materials or simple objects found around us.    They have the potential to be a place of charged energy calling in particular qualities to the space.  In this class we will talk about the importance and practice of altar making, and utilize this tool as a way of working with the Earth..  We will use natural, found objects to create Earth altars as a way of honoring the natural world expressing your own personnal relationship to the earth.  

The Power of Voice
with Maeanna Welti

In this class we will explore how we can use our voices to increase the clarity and power of our magic. There is a strong relationship between voice and healing, and understanding that relationship strengthens magic based in healing and connection. We will discuss how sound in magic works and how to access the power of our voices. We will discuss song, language, and toning, and use exercises to experience magic through voice. This class will include lecture and voice based exercises.

Class Descriptions from 2015, below:

Magical Panel:  Is Magic Dangerous?
with Colette Gardiner, Sage Goode, Arika Oglesbee, and Moe Bowstern.  Moderated by Pomegranate Doyle. 

Can magic be safe?  Should it be?  How can I recognize a healthy magical environment? How do you take care of yourself when you are doing magic?  What kinds of things happen when you don't take care of yourself? 

Join us as we answer these questions and more! 

Introduction to the Iron Pentacle
with Sage Goode

The Iron Pentacle is a foundational teaching tool in many branches of Witch Craft. In this class we explore how the Pentacle moves in our bodies and how each of the points of the Iron Pentacle: Sex, Pride, Self, Power, Passion; offer teachings and opportunities for healing.

The class includes instruction, experiential activities and a short trance journey. This class is Intermediate (best if folks have a little exposure to ritual and magic, but not absolutely essential)

Ana, Mari, Nimue: Meeting the Faery Goddesses
with Sage Goode

This class will be a trance journey into the world of the Faery Goddesses. We will meet  Ana – the ancient One who spins the worlds into being; Mari – She who is the wild, She who rides the wild energies, and Nimue – shape-shifter and mist walker.

This class is Intermediate (please have some experience with trance journeying and magic, not a lot of explanation, mostly it’s "dive right in" to the trance journey experience).

Elemental Spirits of Place
with Colette Gardiner

As witches and priestesses, we are energetically rooted in the earth, our home landscape. This is the place we honor and the place that nourishes us, physically and magically. Join us as we create a magical map of our home landscape. We will focus primarily on elemental beings and guardians of place and elemental land spirits. We will work from the micro (your home)
to macro (the region). We will also explore some tools to deepen our relationship with the spirits of place. Please bring a pad of paper that is suitable for drawing on. At least 8.5 x 11 or larger. You can also bring a pendulum if you regularly work with one.

Tarot Readings As Energy Medicine
with Theresa Pridemore

We know that Tarot can serve as a teacher and oracle, but it can also be used as a tool for healing. In Tarot, querent and reader create a sacred space where a life can be witnessed as an unfolding story; this observational distance allows for powerful energy shifts and the emergence of new realities. In this class we will go beyond simply understanding Tarot as a tool for healing our psychology and study the role of Tarot as a tool for energy work. We will also how Tarot is unique as a tool of energy medicine in it’s ability to protect a reader/healer and techniques for keeping the reading space as safe as possible for both reader and recipient when working on an energetic level.

Defense Against The Shadow Arts
with Pomegranate Doyle

One of the greatest powers of magic is to deal with the shadow side of energy. Energy that is generated from mindlessness, bigotry, greed and a need to dominate. We will discuss how to become empowered in the face of this difficult shadow side of magic. A good way to prepare for this class is to take the psychic self-defense class available at this conference. This class is advanced, please have previous magic experience, if you are unsure, just ask. Space is LIMITED, you must pre-register for this class, class is FULL, thanks. 

The Power of The Faery King
with Pomegranate Doyle

If nature has a soul then the Faery King is the jewel in the crown, (The Faerie Queene is the crown). Journey with me as we meet and experience the power of this jewel. He who is the challenger, the spark of passion, the shiver in your spine, He who is the chivalrous God of the wild. Please have some experience following trance for this class.

Honing Your Clairvoyant Skills
with Pomegranate Doyle

Are you seeing things out of the corner of your eye, hearing voices in your head, or smelling the smells no one else can smell? It might be that your third eye is becoming active. This class will teach you the power of the third eye, how to use it, how to discern the information you are receiving, how to keep your psychic awareness clear and how to ignore information that is not useful. Even if you think you are not clairvoyant, this class will help! Open to all levels.

A Magical Gender Salon
with Shanna Butler

A gathering for Shape Shifters, Edge Walkers, Guardians of the Mysterious Other, women who are boys, men who are ladies, men who have been socialized as women, women who were socialized as men, those who move to an inner symphony of changeable gender expression, those who struggle to find words and reflection for the gendered Self that is true, those who dance with the tides of inner change, those who always knew that words might never be enough to hold the wholeness of who we are, those that love lipstick and a beard.

Together we will engage in a lively discussion of gender at the crosssroads of the magical self, living in a world divided. Come and contribute to the evolution of thought and community as we honor gender as a gate and a radical magical form of self expression. Through imagination and voice we will raise energy in an effort to tend the individual and collective wounds incurred from living in a world in which these expressions are often unwelcome and harness the creativity of our connection to enliven our ever-emerging magical selves.

Living the Charge of the Goddess: EcoMagicks at the end of Empire
with Teri Ciacchi

"Listen to the words of the Great Mother, Who of old was called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arionrhod, Brigid, and by many other names: Whenever you have need of anything, once a month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me Who is Queen of all the Wise.... Sing, feast, dance, make music and love, all in My Presence, for Mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and Mine also is joy on earth..." Doreen Valiente

This class is an EcoMagick ritual; a potent brew of witchcraft, herbalism, EcoPsychology and social permaculture practices. Valiente’s Charge of the Goddess is our guide as we ReMember and ReStore our Immanence with simple embodiment exercises. Ground and awaken your senses with ecological perception, essential oils and herbal medicines. Center yourself in the exchange of erotic life force between your own zone zero and the Gaiac bodies of our lover the earth. Deepen your magick by amplifying the self-love and acceptance available to you in daily acts of love and pleasure. We will cast a circle, chant, and engage in the sacred activism of honoring nature’s rhythmic beauty, lunar time and the designs for ecstatic living that are palpably present in our bodies. Experience how these activities evolve us toward a culture based on love, beauty and reverence for Nature.

Practicing Magick with Kids
with Sue Burns

We all have children in our lives and what better way to pass on the craft than to let them join! Children are natural conduits of magick and I have learned to take kids as my teachers. I will share resources, activities, and spells for the young witches in our lives. And, let's discuss and skillshare what we each know to bring children up in the craft.

Beginning Elements of Magic: Using the Power of the Elements as Tools in Our Lives
with Ebony Galluzzo and Iris Mae Misciagna

Learn basic magic skills from two witches who study, practice, and teach the craft. The elements (earth, air, fire, and water) make up our bodies and the world we move through. The elementals are our tools, our birthright, and a source of sacred connection. In this class we will learn practical tools of the elements to use in everyday life like grounding, circle casting, and purification. This is a beginning level class teaching basic magical skills to further your magical practice.

Ebony and Iris are graduates of the Blue Iris Mystery School and have studied together for many years with Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle. If you want to build basic skills and learn more about their style of witchcraft and magic (grown out of Oregon Land Magic and Reclaiming), this is the class for you.

Magical Storytelling
with Moe Bowstern

Have you ever told a lie to get out of trouble? Did that work for you? When I was a kid, everyone said I was a liar. Forty years later I’m a storyteller.  How do we come to walk the fine line that distinguishes lying from storytelling? What is the difference between a story and a tall tale?  What magical purpose does each serve? What tools are available for creating and inhabiting the world of  the story? How do we as storytellers invite and safeguard our audience as we journey through the realms of the Bard? 

Join Moe Bowstern for a frank, two part exploration of  the nature of magical storytelling.
Part 1: Moe will give a brief  lecture addressing the above questions.
Part 2: Moe will tell an original story that demonstrates the magical properties of the bard’s path.  This class is open to all levels of magical interest and experience.

Psychic Self-Defense
with Arika Oglesbee

This is a basic introduction to psychic self defense. We will be concentrating on preventative, regular maintenance, and protective measures for daily life. We will spend time in this workshop creating or reinforcing a strong personal container, as well as clearing and protective techniques for optimum psychic health and well being. Please note- this is not a class thet you can pop in and out of, as we will be building a foundation of knowledge one step at a time. Please show up on time and ready to participate for the duration of the class. While there are no prerequisites for this workshop, some knowledge of grounding will be helpful, as well as some comfortability with light trance.

Alchemy of the Alphabet; an introduction into Intuitive Handwriting Analysis
with Carly Boyer

We will begin with a brief history of Graphology and its traditional and modern uses.  Using a slideshow presentation, we will explore the foundations of handwriting analysis and reveal the hidden meanings of the baseline, slant, size, zones, margins, and signature.  There will be an opportunity to practice with a neighbor and get feedback.


Enlisting Our Body's Aid in Shamanism and Journeying 
with Larry Savides

One of the mysteries is that we are separate, whole individuals and yet at the same time our bodies have their own awareness, agency and reactions.  We can smooth, ease and sweeten our journeying practice and shamanic relationships when we take time to address the body as ally and closest friend.  

This class will include some lecture and discussion, and focus on journey time using Ecstatic Body Postures.  For those who can some time will be spent lying on the floor; please bring yoga matts or blankets if possible.
Space is LIMITED, pre-registration required, email to save your spot!


The Queer Pentacle
with Larry Savides

Description coming soon.

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