Class Descriptions from 2015:

Magical Panel:  Is Magic Dangerous?
with Colette Gardiner, Sage Goode, Arika Oglesbee, and Moe Bowstern. 
Moderated by Pomegranate Doyle

Can magic be safe?  Should it be?  How can I recognize a healthy magical environment? How do you take care of yourself when you are doing magic?  What kinds of things happen when you don't take care of yourself?  Join us as we answer these questions and more! 

Introduction to the Iron Pentacle 
with Sage Goode
The Iron Pentacle is a foundational teaching tool in many branches of Witch Craft. In this class we explore how the Pentacle moves in our bodies and how each of the points of the Iron Pentacle: Sex, Pride, Self, Power, Passion; offer teachings and opportunities for healing.

The class includes instruction, experiential activities and a short trance journey. This class is Intermediate (best if folks have a little exposure to ritual and magic, but not absolutely essential)

Ana, Mari, Nimue: Meeting the Faery Goddesses 
with Sage Goode

This class will be a trance journey into the world of the Faery Goddesses. We will meet  Ana – the ancient One who spins the worlds into being; Mari – She who is the wild, She who rides the wild energies, and Nimue – shape-shifter and mist walker.

This class is Intermediate (please have some experience with trance journeying and magic, not a lot of explanation, mostly it’s "dive right in" to the trance journey experience).

Elemental Spirits of Place
with Colette Gardiner
As witches and priestesses, we are energetically rooted in the earth, our home landscape. This is the place we honor and the place that nourishes us, physically and magically. Join us as we create a magical map of our home landscape. We will focus primarily on elemental beings and guardians of place and elemental land spirits. We will work from the micro (your home) to macro (the region). We will also explore some tools to deepen our relationship with the spirits of place. Please bring a pad of paper that is suitable for drawing on. At least 8.5 x 11 or larger. You can also bring a pendulum if you regularly work with one.

Tarot Readings As Energy Medicine 
with Theresa Pridemore
We know that Tarot can serve as a teacher and oracle, but it can also be used as a tool for healing. In Tarot, querent and reader create a sacred space where a life can be witnessed as an unfolding story; this observational distance allows for powerful energy shifts and the emergence of new realities. In this class we will go beyond simply understanding Tarot as a tool for healing our psychology and study the role of Tarot as a tool for energy work. We will also how Tarot is unique as a tool of energy medicine in it’s ability to protect a reader/healer and techniques for keeping the reading space as safe as possible for both reader and recipient when working on an energetic level.

Defense Against The Shadow Arts 
with Pomegranate Doyle
One of the greatest powers of magic is to deal with the shadow side of energy. Energy that is generated from mindlessness, bigotry, greed and a need to dominate. We will discuss how to become empowered in the face of this difficult shadow side of magic. A good way to prepare for this class is to take the psychic self-defense class available at this conference. This class is advanced, please have previous magic experience, if you are unsure, just ask. Space is LIMITED, you must pre-register for this class, class is FULL, thanks. 

The Power of The Faery King 
with Pomegranate Doyle
If nature has a soul then the Faery King is the jewel in the crown, (The Faerie Queene is the crown). Journey with me as we meet and experience the power of this jewel. He who is the challenger, the spark of passion, the shiver in your spine, He who is the chivalrous God of the wild. Please have some experience following trance for this class.

Honing Your Clairvoyant Skills 
with Pomegranate Doyle
Are you seeing things out of the corner of your eye, hearing voices in your head, or smelling the smells no one else can smell? It might be that your third eye is becoming active. This class will teach you the power of the third eye, how to use it, how to discern the information you are receiving, how to keep your psychic awareness clear and how to ignore information that is not useful. Even if you think you are not clairvoyant, this class will help! Open to all levels.

A Magical Gender Salon 
with Shanna Butler
A gathering for Shape Shifters, Edge Walkers, Guardians of the Mysterious Other, women who are boys, men who are ladies, men who have been socialized as women, women who were socialized as men, those who move to an inner symphony of changeable gender expression, those who struggle to find words and reflection for the gendered Self that is true, those who dance with the tides of inner change, those who always knew that words might never be enough to hold the wholeness of who we are, those that love lipstick and a beard.

Together we will engage in a lively discussion of gender at the crosssroads of the magical self, living in a world divided. Come and contribute to the evolution of thought and community as we honor gender as a gate and a radical magical form of self expression. Through imagination and voice we will raise energy in an effort to tend the individual and collective wounds incurred from living in a world in which these expressions are often unwelcome and harness the creativity of our connection to enliven our ever-emerging magical selves.

Living the Charge of the Goddess: EcoMagicks at the end of Empire 
with Teri Ciacchi
"Listen to the words of the Great Mother, Who of old was called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arionrhod, Brigid, and by many other names: Whenever you have need of anything, once a month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me Who is Queen of all the Wise.... Sing, feast, dance, make music and love, all in My Presence, for Mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and Mine also is joy on earth..." Doreen Valiente

This class is an EcoMagick ritual; a potent brew of witchcraft, herbalism, EcoPsychology and social permaculture practices. Valiente’s Charge of the Goddess is our guide as we ReMember and ReStore our Immanence with simple embodiment exercises. Ground and awaken your senses with ecological perception, essential oils and herbal medicines. Center yourself in the exchange of erotic life force between your own zone zero and the Gaiac bodies of our lover the earth. Deepen your magick by amplifying the self-love and acceptance available to you in daily acts of love and pleasure. We will cast a circle, chant, and engage in the sacred activism of honoring nature’s rhythmic beauty, lunar time and the designs for ecstatic living that are palpably present in our bodies. Experience how these activities evolve us toward a culture based on love, beauty and reverence for Nature.

Practicing Magic with Kids 
with Sue Burns
We all have children in our lives and what better way to pass on the craft than to let them join! Children are natural conduits of magick and I have learned to take kids as my teachers. I will share resources, activities, and spells for the young witches in our lives. And, let's discuss and skillshare what we each know to bring children up in the craft.

Beginning Elements of Magic: Using the Power of the Elements as Tools in Our Lives 
with Ebony Galluzzo and Iris Mae Misciagna
Learn basic magic skills from two witches who study, practice, and teach the craft. The elements (earth, air, fire, and water) make up our bodies and the world we move through. The elementals are our tools, our birthright, and a source of sacred connection. In this class we will learn practical tools of the elements to use in everyday life like grounding, circle casting, and purification. This is a beginning level class teaching basic magical skills to further your magical practice.

Ebony and Iris are graduates of the Blue Iris Mystery School and have studied together for many years with Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle. If you want to build basic skills and learn more about their style of witchcraft and magic (grown out of Oregon Land Magic and Reclaiming), this is the class for you.

Magical Storytelling
with Moe Bowstern 
Have you ever told a lie to get out of trouble? Did that work for you? When I was a kid, everyone said I was a liar. Forty years later I’m a storyteller.  How do we come to walk the fine line that distinguishes lying from storytelling? What is the difference between a story and a tall tale?  What magical purpose does each serve? What tools are available for creating and inhabiting the world of  the story? How do we as storytellers invite and safeguard our audience as we journey through the realms of the Bard? 

Join Moe Bowstern for a frank, two part exploration of  the nature of magical storytelling. 
Part 1: Moe will give a brief  lecture addressing the above questions.
Part 2: Moe will tell an original story that demonstrates the magical properties of the bard’s path.  This class is open to all levels of magical interest and experience.

Psychic Self-Defense 
with Arika Oglesbee
This is a basic introduction to psychic self defense. We will be concentrating on preventative, regular maintenance, and protective measures for daily life. We will spend time in this workshop creating or reinforcing a strong personal container, as well as clearing and protective techniques for optimum psychic health and well being. Please note- this is not a class thet you can pop in and out of, as we will be building a foundation of knowledge one step at a time. Please show up on time and ready to participate for the duration of the class. While there are no prerequisites for this workshop, some knowledge of grounding will be helpful, as well as some comfortability with light trance.

Alchemy of the Alphabet; an introduction into Intuitive Handwriting Analysis
with Carly Boyer 
We will begin with a brief history of Graphology and its traditional and modern uses.  Using a slideshow presentation, we will explore the foundations of handwriting analysis and reveal the hidden meanings of the baseline, slant, size, zones, margins, and signature.  There will be an opportunity to practice with a neighbor and get feedback.

Enlisting Our Body's Aid in Shamanism and Journeying 
with Larry Savides
One of the mysteries is that we are separate, whole individuals and yet at the same time our bodies have their own awareness, agency and reactions.  We can smooth, ease and sweeten our journeying practice and shamanic relationships when we take time to address the body as ally and closest friend.  

This class will include some lecture and discussion, and focus on journey time using Ecstatic Body Postures.  For those who can some time will be spent lying on the floor; please bring yoga matts or blankets if possible.
Space is LIMITED, pre-registration required, email to save your spot!

The Queer Pentacle 
with Larry Savides

Class Descriptions from 2014

Keynote Talk: Liberating Magic
with Sean Donahue
How do we wield magic to liberate ourselves and our communities? How do we liberate our magic from the ideology of the society we seek to transform or replace? What interest do our gods, our ancestors, and the wild beings around us have in our liberation and can we look to them as allies in our struggles? These questions form the basis for a flowing, spiraling exploration of the role of the witch in shaping new worlds (and bringing back lost ones!)

Plants as Magical Allies
with Sean Donahue
People and plants have been weaving magic together since the Paleolithic. And the plants remain ready to work with us to transform our lives and our world if we approach them with an open heart and clear intention. This workshop will introduce an approach to magical herbalism rooted not in memorized tables of correspondences, but rather in engaging plants as active and conscious partners in “creating change in conformity with Will.”

Releasing and Clearing with the Elements
with Colette Gardiner
Join me for this participatory lecture and trance. We’ll work with each element to release what we no longer need, notice how we learn from them and offer gratitude for their support in the physical and magical world.

Let’s Visit a past Life
with Pomegranate Doyle

Let’s visit a past life. You will leave the story of this life and see who you were and what you did in a past life. Often the past life can stay with us in small and sometime difficult ways. The lessons from that life are helpful if they can be brought into awareness in this life. You will need a journal and pen, water and the ability to follow a short visualization.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Moon
with Rhea Wolf
Learn practical tools for accessing lunar magic using the phases and signs of the Moon. We’ll discuss ways to honor the Full and New Moons, find out why eclipses are so powerful, and craft simple intentions and rituals to make the most of every lunar cycle. This workshop will happen only days before a New Moon/Solar Eclipse a powerful time to create change in our lives. You’ll leave with knowledge on what this eclipse season means to you. (Optional: Bring a copy of your natal chart to dig even deeper into the wisdom the Moon has to offer you.) Also, please bring a notebook or journal. 

Stretch and Strengthen your Magical Body
with Lindsay Buchannan
In Stretch and Strengthen your Magical Body we step further into trusting the intuitive power to gain and use (stretch and strengthen) our innate skills at channeling useful magical information.

In this class we will cover:

how to augment your information-channeling skills
how and when to trust the information we receive
how to implement the information in a balanced, practical and healthy way
how to integrate this practice into your witchy life

There will be a short lecture on accessing external information with a few practical exercises. Together we will practice discernment; we will sort out what magical information we can discard, and what magical information is important to retain. We will then plow the useful information nuggets into our lives.

How to Rock Your Own Power
with Alexa Weinstein
In this workshop, we will focus our energy and attention on the subject of power. How does power operate, and where does it come from? How do empowerment and disempowerment behave, in the body and in the world? What are some helpful models and tools for stepping more fully into your own power? How does a history of abuse or other trauma play out in the realm of power? What is the role of ego, and of Spirit, in empowerment?

As we move through different ways of looking at these subjects, you will have multiple opportunities to sink into a deeper place and look magically at your current relationship to your own power. You will be invited to work with some of the energies depicted in the Waite-Smith Tarot deck who can teach you about your own power directly, and to establish direct communication with personal allies who would like to assist you in your empowerment.

Connecting with the Magic of Faery
with Pomegranate Doyle
If your travel slightly to the left and down the shady glen, go under the fern, and make the circuit at the crossroads, you might just enter into the world of Faery. But what to do once you get there, and how to get back? Bring a biodegradable offering like tea or honey or flowers, and we just might find out. This class has very limited space and will fill quickly, so you must pre-register.  Please contact Nicole at to save your spot!  Class is FULL. 

Connections to Ancestors and Spirits through Food
with Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate and Adriana Azcarate-Ferbel
Adriana and Pedro will share ancestor and spirit connections involved in the preparation and eating of food. Participants will discuss their food connections to ancestors and spirit and a ritual will be called to heighten personal awareness to the magical circle of life and death, food and nourishment, spirit and vitality.

Our Love Affair with Cedars
with Larry Savides
People the world over are in love with their trees; the trees that shelter their homes, the trees that they or their ancestors planted for fruit, and the trees that clothe and define the landscape. When we look towards the energetic and subtle it becomes obvious that trees are both friends and Allies.
Some trees capture hearts and imaginations across generations, and one of these is the cedar tree. So much so that it became a name used all over the world for conifer trees with fragrant wood treasured for carpentry and carving, from the Cedar of Lebanon, to the arborvitae (white cedar) and pencil cedar of Eastern North America, and the red and incense cedars of our Pacific Northwest.

Together we will explore some of the myths, histories, medicinal uses and magical connections of these living avatars of the Tree of Life.

Divining the Urban Landscape
with Alley Valkyrie
Common divination methods such as tarot or runes aren’t always easy or practical to utilize during the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. The world around us, however, is constantly relaying messages and signs if we learn to look and listen for them. In this workshop, we will discuss different techniques and theories of divining and interpreting what lies before us within an urban or suburban setting. We will cover many different methods of on-the-spot divination, drawing from nature-based as well as technological sources, as well as discuss the ways that familiarity, anthropocentrism, intention, and surroundings can affect our results. Tips, tricks, warnings, possible pitfalls, and wisdom gained from personal experience will all be shared.

Medicine, Healing and the Physiology of Gaia
with Mitchell Bebel Stargrove, ND, LAc and Lori Beth Stargrove, ND
We will look at history and principles of health and medicine, with an emphasis on universals and the particulars of the Western classical traditions. Focusing on health, we examine ancient and modern concepts of organisms as living systems with self-organizing properties and self-healing processes at three levels of identity: individual bodymind, communities of relationships, and planetary being. The tree of life and systems biology demonstrate the torus phenomenon of life flow manifesting through the three worlds of heaven, human and earth. Individual activation and embodiment are expressions of collective evolution through the dance reuniting heaven and earth. Cultivating health and respectful relationships as expressions of the aeon of the daughter, the redemption of Matter, return of the Goddess. We will culminate with examples and activities revealing the healing intelligence of life and applying these principles in self-cultivation and creating new culture.

Crafting and Nourishing Connections with Our Cultural Ancestors
with Cayenne Garofalo
Beyond our blood and familial lines there are still more ancestors ready to stand by us with guidance and support in our endeavors. Your Cultural Ancestors are the ones who had similar paths to yours in their lives. Today we will experience who they are and what it means to procure and nourish relationships with these important Ones who came before. Be prepared for a lecture, light trance and discussion. Bring Water, a Journal and an Energetic Offering.

Druidry 101
with Raevyn Carney

Come learn a brief history of Druidry and learn about Druidry today. We’ll cover the main differences and similarities between Druidry and Wicca, an overview of the basic tenets of Druidry, ritual elements, and the main Druid organizations active today, as well as what local groups are available. If you’ve ever been curious about Druidry, this is a great place to start!

Class Descriptions from 2013

Truth at the Crossroads 
with Colette Gardiner
Join us for a talk and participatory magical exercise in finding the roots of our authority and exploring how we navigate choices when we stand at the crossroads.   As witches, healers and activists for change we believe in power from within rather than power over.  But where do we find that in a world where we are taught to deny our own truths? No previous experience is required for this class but you should be comfortable being led on a trance journey.

Navigating the Dream World
with Andrea Galluzo
The dream world holds possibilities for us to travel through gates to different realms, gather psychic information, and tap into our unconscious selves.  Our dreams can also come with confusing messages, scary in their symbology, and can conflict with our deep sleep.  To cultivate a relationship with our dreams is to learn to navigate our dream state and set boundaries with our dreams.  In this class I will talk about how to ask for dreams, and how to create a safe and healthy space to dream in.  We will also meet and work with your dream ally as a way of mediating the dream world.  This class will benefit anyone who wants to further engage with their dream state, whether you dream all the time or not much at all. “Find the treasure that is hidden in you dream warrior” – Gift of Gab

Your Magical Birth Rights: The power of the cup, the wand, the sword and the pentacle 
with Pomegranate Doyle
Working with the archetype of The Magician from the Pixie Smith tarot deck. We will learn about the powers and gifts we are endowed with at birth. We will claim these gifts and learn of their unique power in our individual hands.  This is a beginning to intermediate class.

Your Magical Team: An introduction to your spirit guides 
with Pomegranate Doyle
You came to earth with a team. Get to know the beings that are on this journey with you, their jobs and how to communicate with them. This class is for people who feel they are Intermediate to advanced. Must have a working knowledge of sacred space and be able to trance or meditate.

Ecstatic Body Postures
with Larry Savides
Modern shamanic practitioners find that taking postures from ancient artwork can intensify and redirect their experiences in trance journeys.  Different postures from different times and cultures generate very different experiences,  from journeying to healing energy or oracular insight. In this class, we will discuss the process of using these postures and will share at least two postures, fueling the experience with drumming or rattling.

The Presence in Art
with Kent Smith
This Conversation is for the Artist in each of us and for the Artist’s among us. What is the source of creativity when what we call Art is created? How do we nurture and encourage the flow of the creative in our lives?  Using a selection of smaller art objects we will look deeply to see how materials are transformed into energetic beacons that call us into the beauty of the present moment.

A Clean, Well-Warded Place: How to Protect Your Home Space - A Class for Group Housers, Migrants, Transients, and the Firmly Rooted
with Moe Bowstern,
ex-Migrant, Traveler and Soul Proprietor, Clean Sweep Magical Housecleaning/Clearing Services.
Join Moe Bowstern for an hour of short lecture, discussion and Q&A on effective and inexpensive ways to maintain a magically protected home space, regardless of  circumstance. This class is open for absolute beginners and beyond. Please prepare by thinking about how you interact with your domestic environment; what makes you feel safe? Bring questions and a willingness to participate.

The Flame Within: Working with Heart’s  Desire 
with Allison Carr

Heart’s Desire is one of the most potent tools we  have in the Craft.  In this workshop we will discuss what we mean by  Heart’s Desire, how to access it, how to use it as a magical tool and common  blocks to being truely aligned with our own deepest power. The workshop will  include lecture, discussion, and some brief magical writing exercises.   This class is accessible to all skill levels.

Psychic Self-Defense
with Arika Oglesbee

This is a basic introduction to psychic self defense. We will be concentrating on preventative, regular maintenance, and protective measures for daily life. We will spend time in this workshop creating or reinforcing a strong personal container, as well as clearing and protective techniques for optimum psychic health and well being. Please note- this is not a class thet you can pop in and out of, as we will be building a foundation of knowledge one step at a time. Please show up on time and ready to participate for the duration of the class. While there are no prerequisites for this workshop, some knowledge of grounding will be helpful, as well as some comfortability with light trance.

Beginning Palmistry/Hand Analysis: Life purpose, life lesson, and understanding our path
with Dyanne Sekeres

Palmistry or Hand Analysis is an exploration of all aspects of the hand, lines, shapes, fingers, and fingerprints-for the purpose of discerning character, gifts, potential, life purpose, and self discovery. Our hands are a road map of where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed. Hand analysis is not predictive. Your hands change when you change. In this class we will cover the four major fingerprint types, or schools, which tell us about our life purpose, as well as shedding some light on our life lessons. Also, we will learn about the lines, symbols and patterns that make up our own unique selves, as these lines change throughout our lives. These lines, as well as symbols and special markings, show us inherited traits, potential and whether or not we are walking our own true path.

Cleansing Through the Elements
with Iris Misciagna

This class will focus on exploring the cleansing qualities of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Because they are so visceral and real–because they surround us and fill us–the elements offer many layers of teaching and healing. In our hectic and exciting lives cleansing is vital to our emotional and energetic health. It allows us to shed, let go, and move forward from our past. It lets us to shine, free of disruptive energy. Though ever present, the elements can be easy to overlook, especially in a culture that is invested in divorcing itself from its animal nature. Return to your breath, your body, your fiery truth, and the water that fills and sustains you; explore the power of the elements as tools of cleansing.

Celebrating the Gifts of the Salmon People
with Benjamin Pixie

This class will focus on exploring the spirit of generosity that the Salmon bring and give to the land and peoples of the Pacific Coast.  We will explore the darkness of colonization- the wounds it has inflicted on people and place, and the unstoppable spirit of rebirth and renewal that the salmon carry to feed all life.

Creating Rituals for Social Change 
with Frodo Okulam

Create magickal rituals to bring about social change!  We’ll explore the ways personal and group rituals can serve as “batteries” to raise energy for action.  Come with your ideas and be prepared to receive new ones.  Together, we’ll create a ritual addressing a need identified by the participants.  REAL change is possible!  Come hear the stories, receive the tools, and get ready for action!

Embodied Co-created Magic
with Rain Crowe

Have you ever wanted to share spirit-filled, intentional or ritualized time with friends who say they have no “magical training”?  How does the world around us offer us examples of ways to inter-relate in sacred ways, to entrain ourselves in shared time/space? How can we each, in our own way model spontaneity, awareness, vulnerability, and play in our magical group workings? Sometimes we just have to move into it, trusting that those around us will merge and meld into an aliveness that they can feel, but maybe not describe.

In this workshop we’ll work with a basic ritual template that is co-created, improvisational and embodied.  We’ll use rhythm, sound, and movement to be together in a way that raises and moves energy, allowing for the emerging mystery to have a container in which to move through us each and as a whole.  There will be some talky bits at the beginning and then we’ll shift into facilitated “play/practice” followed by working together to create a simple, short ritual to charge people’s personal intentions.  Please bring some kind of personal item to help create an altar, and a general willingness to participate in the activities. No previous magical training necessary.